On the Wings of a Dragon… Con

Greetings Dead Tree Fans!

We are back with our weekly Dev Blog. Big things sorta happened since our last dev blog. to start we have returned from DragonCon, Which was a  lot of fun. We took a bunch of pictures and have been uploading them to our Instagram @dead_tree_studios . We mostly attended relevant panels and did research for our next game. There were a lot of cool things happening, and we ultimately had a productive week, despite about 90% of it being spent waiting for elevators.

Enjoy a picture of Zen, our Game Developer, flaunting the reason we got denied entry to a Hard Rock Cafe.

Other than that, we worked on art and ordered our next round of books, including our Game Master’s guide. Those should arrive soon, hopefully. Next book on our release line up is: “Hooftycuffs: A Martial Arts Guide” Featuring over 20 different Martial arts to master, lore and history about both, and a character sheet for the “current” masters of each style. We are aiming to have it finished by the end of September/beginning of October.

Until next week Dead Tree Fans! Be sure to leave a comment, check out our Facebook, Twitter and Discord (and Instagram!) as well as our patreon.  And as usual, be careful, it’s a wasteland out there!

On the Con of a Dragon

Greetings Dead Tree Fans!

A little late on this week’s update, but here is everything that’s happened so far:

DragonCon Set Up: We have been prepping to go to DragonCon 2018 and Strut our stuff, we don’t have any reserved games tables or events or anything, but we will be around for back alley crits and any walk in table reservations that the con may have.

Book stuff: The Game Masters guide is still undergoing its pre-print set-up on Ingram spark. For some reason things have been taking quite a while and have had a significant amount of issues. Hopefully we can get orders placed before DragonCon, though it looks like non-indiegogo/patreon orders will need to be delayed a couple weeks. We’ll keep you updated.

Art: Lots of art got done, both for the Locked Safe, and Hooftycuffs our martial arts guide, which is looking to be our next release. The goal is to have it done late September, early October, with the Beastiary out around November and the Locked done in December. How off the mark those estimates are? Hopefully not too much.

Until Next week Dead Tree Fans! Be sure to leave a comment, check out our Facebook, Twitter and Discord as well as our patreon.  And as usual, be careful, it’s a wasteland out there!


Salutations, citizen!

My name is Curly Cabbage, the Chief Officer of Fringe Arcano-Science at Stable-Tec. You are receiving this message because you have been selected to participate in vault 112.  Please register with Stable-Tec to secure your place today! Vault 112 will be officially open and completed in mid September, though Stable-Tec selected V.I.P.s have already been issued their pip-buck, barding and manual. We look forward to keeping you safe and thank you for choosing Stable-Tec.

Curly Cabbage,
Chief Officer of Fringe Arcano-Science,
1 Stable-Tec Offices Lane
Canterlot, EQ


Greetings Dead Tree Fans!

As you read above, our Game Master’s guide titled: The Overmare is complete and has been sent off to the printer! Indigogo and Patreon supporters have received their digital copies already, and the Game Master’s guide will be available to the general public come mid-September!

This last week we went to GenCon and had an absolute blast! No tables or exibitor spaces were had, as we mostly went to explore and meet people. But we did run a game which had 16 people show up to play.

A special shout out to the two awesome ladies cosplaying as Zone-tan and Shadman. 11/10 best cosplay at GenCon, would let you watch us fap again.

Additionally we met the really awesome people from Shard Studios, who make the Table Top RPG “Shard RPG” which is an awesome story telling based Table Top game set in the world of Dárdünah, an amazingly vast high fantasy world inspired by Indian culture and mythos. We highly suggest checking them out on their website HERE. Both the game and the people behind the game are extremely fun and awesome and deserve your love and attention.

Unfortunately L9OBL is horrendous at taking photos, so he stupidly didn’t think to get a group photo. Though Zen seems to have come through with a photo of Yishai, the game tester, and his awesome hairdo.

Now, with the shilling of things we adore done (who are we kidding, the shilling is NEVER DONE!), lets move on to the rest of what happened this week. Things that have happened that we haven’t talked about yet are: more art, as usual. Not only for the Locked safe, but after many years of ignoring it, L9OBL has started putting in actual art on the Convention Circuit pre-gen characters, instead of drunkenly stolen art from google. We also worked out the majority of the lore that will be present in our next Game we are making. The inspiration to do so, largely because of Shard Studios and their 10,000 years of lore and the immeasurable amount of passion they have for their game. What can we say? Passion is contagious! Also, 10+hr road trips.  Lastly, there have been some website maintenance and overhauls. Mainly to fix a lot of the breaking from mobile view.

Until next week Dead Tree Fans! Be sure to leave a comment, check out our Facebook, Twitter and Discord as well as our patreon.  And as usual, be careful, it’s a wasteland out there!

Con-Con can you do the Con-Con!

Greetings Dead Tree Fans!

Not a whole lot has been happening this past week. Mostly Convention-going and convention prepping. Moonhoof and Zen spent this weekend at BronyCon, and this week DTS is gearing up to send L9OBL and Zen to GenCon in Indianapolis! So there won’t be any Dev Blogs next week. As we stated in a previous Dev blog, we have a table and will be running games on Friday. So come check us out.

As for book progress. Our Game Master’s guide has completed all it’s formatting and editing and is currently undergoing indexing. We are hoping to have it sent off to the printer as soon as we return from GenCon.

That’s everything that’s happened this week, until… well two weeks from now Dead Tree fans! Don’t forget to leave a comment below and to check out our discord server!

Trotting Along

Greetings Dead Tree Fans!

Not as much has happened this week as some of you may have hoped. Our game master’s guide is still undergoing it’s post format edit and review. Other than that we have been working on Item art for our system compendium, which, you can usually watch on our Picarto. Additionally, Travelling Pony Museum and Fiaura the Tank girl have been selling our Wasteland Survival Guide and Diary of  a Mary Sue at Trotcon over the weekend. From our understanding they have been selling quite quickly.


That’s the short and long of everything that’s happened this week. See you all next week!

Weeks, Days? What’s The Difference?

Greetings Dead Tree Fans!

Firstly, we are well aware that this Deve Blog is a little over due. For full clarity we don’t have any decent excuses, we were busy and forgot.

So to cover everything that has happened since our last Dev Blog, Our Game master’s guide is done formatting and currently going through its post-format editing. at which point it will get another quick review from the formatting team, then get sent of to get it’s index and Glossary made. We’re hoping to have our Game Master’s guide sent to the printer, and Patreon/Indiegogo customers before the beginning of August.

Hoofticuffs: our martial arts guide is currently undergoing formatting, with the intent to be done in August. The Compendium is still having it’s art completed and is on schedule for a release in December as Art is the only thing remaining.

Additionally, DTS is revving up to attend Gen Con from August 2 to August 5 2018. we will be running a game Called Project Dead Tree on Friday August 3rd at 1:00 PM, at Omni : McClellan Hall : 1–5. So if you’re going to GenCon come find us!

That’s been pretty much everything that’s happened these past couple weeks. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, annoy us on Discord, Comment, Buy our merch and all that other self promotion stuff we hardly ever talk about! See you all next week!


Greetings Dead Tree Fans!

This week’s Dev Blog post comes late with a good excuse! Our internet was down for the entire day! It’s back now, so don’t worry, we have re-learned how to act civilized and are no-longer having cage matches with sporks over the sacred god of fire.

As for what we accomplished last week, a fair amount.  The Game Master’s guide has made significant progress and should be on the editor’s desk for it’s post format edit by the end of this month. Major things that still need to be done are some stylization edits, which shouldn’t take to long.

In addition, we would like to inform you that there won’t be a Dev Blog next week, as we are all attending Biscayne’s Wedding, as we promised to cater his and his fiancée’s wedding with a mountain of tacos for their tireless work editing these books for us. (Come work for DTS, we pay you in Tacos!)

Until Next Time Dead Tree Fans! Be sure to come find us on discord and leave a comment and all that Jazz!

Stable Updates

Greetings Dead Tree Fans! This week brings a variety of updates! The most notable being that our Game Master’s Guide has a new Cover Design! With the “Great Mishaps of 2017” We had a need to rewrite a chunk of our books, including our Game Master’s guide. With that re-write came a new narrative thematic, and though we kept the same title as before, we decided that the old cover was no longer a proper fit for our new narrative. While the design itself isn’t 100% finalized and may see some tweaks between now and the final release of the book, those with the appropriate Patreon tiers will be able to see the current version in the Sneak peak folders.

The Game Master’s guide has the majority of it’s formatting done, and should be on schedule for a release in the next month or two.

Additionally, our Compendium has undergone it’s final major edits and format adjustments and is currently having its Index and Glossary being written up. After that, all that will be left is art.

That’s currently everything that has happened this week in the excitingly boring lives of DTS. Until Next week Dead Tree Fans!


Title Tatle

Good evening Dead Tree Fans!

As our broken record of an announcement machine will tell you, things have been quite busy this past week. The biggest thing that’s happened is that our compendium is undergoing its post-formatting editing and our Game Master’s guide is about half-way through the formatting process. Both of those should be done and on to the next step in about a week or two.

That’s it for this week, just a bunch of boring formatting and editing… oh and art as usual.

Until Next Week Dead Tree Fans!

Locked in a Safe

Greetings Dead Tree Fans!

Appologies on the delays, we have been a little buried in our work as we finished formatting our system compendium.

Now this doesnt mean that the system compendium is done, or close to being released. What it means is that all the formatting for the text and the layout of all the pages is complete. The next step is to have the editing team comb over the book a multitude of times looking for errors and mistakes. Once that is done the formatting team will pass over everything again and make sure that everything is good to go.

The last bit of work is all the art. As most of you are aware, we had a software malfunction back in september that resulted in the loss of all of our work, essentially setting us back to square one on formatting and art. As such we are still working on all of the art. This is expected to take a fair amount of time and as such the Locked Safe which is our system compendium, is not set to release until the end of 2018.

However with the major part of the formatting done, we will now be working on our Game Master’s Guide and our Martial Arts Guide which both should be released to our Patreon/Indiegogo customers sometime around august.

Additionally NeedleStitch who runs our social media was at EFNW which we forgot to mention because readons.

That’s everything for now. Until next week Dead Tree Fans!

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