Week in week out

Greetings Dead Tree Fans!

This week saw more of the usual, as well as some small changes to the website. The most notable is that we removed the pre-alpha lists from our website. We did this for two reasons, the biggest being that out pre alpha lists are old, outdated and broken and no linger suitable for use. Especially with the released version. The second reason is that we did officially release the game and you can now buy the WSG on the online store and get it shipped to your house.

Edit: Additionally we left the alpha rules pdf up so you can reference it if need be. It will eventually be replaced with a quick start guide.

Thats it for now. Were going to keep things rather short because of how busy we are. If you have questions, come find is on discord or leave a comment.

Until next week Dead Tree fans!

Something Witty

Greetings Dead Tree Fans.

These past two weeks have had us pretty busy so ill cut to the chase. Mainly we have been working our butts off on putting the next books together. No set release dates though. We have also been hard at work prepping for our two BABSCon panels and getting our ducks in a row for our vendor’s table.

Additionallysome of you nay have found out that we took down the pre-alpha lists. The reason being that not only are they out of date they are also not very well balanced. If you would like access to the final lists we ask that you purchase either the digital copy or printed copy of the WSG. The pre-alpha rules however will remain on the website, but will eventually be replaced by a quick start guide.

That’s all fir now. See you all next week Dead Tree fans! Don’t forget to leave a comment below and to check out our discord server!

Until next week!


Fuzzy wuzzy was a bear

Greetings Dead Tree Fans!

To get down to the point this week has been kind of a blur.

We have worked on art, book prep and writing, and have been getting our ducks in a row for BABScon. Couldn’t really tell you more than that, i could have sworn that it was still thursday.

Until next week Dead Tree Fans! Be sure to leave a comment, check out our facebook, twitter and discord as well as our patreon.  And as usual, be careful, it’s a wasteland out there!


Casting Bars

Greetings Dead Tree Fans!

We bring you a slightly late dev blog, as we were busy with… things (ok we were crying about the up coming valentines day we will be spending in crippling loneliness…again).

Biggest things that happened was all the work we got done. a couple changes to our website and web-store are in the works aswell, so keep an eye out for that.

We entered a co-sponsorship deal with Fiaura The Tank Girl, more on that to come though.

Also we got asked to be interviewed on Barcast! Happening this friday at 7pm -5gmt  /  6pm -6gmt  /  5pm -7gmt   /  4pm -8gmt…

Being interviewed are our lead writer Moonhoof and lead game dev Zen, be sure to check out their twitch HERE and go to their Fimfiction thread HERE to write down all of the questions you want answered. Like “Why is Moon’s beard so majestic” and “How the hell do you guys put up with that L9 guy”.

Also, art and book formatting got done too, but thats less important.

Untill next week Dead Tree Fans!


New Blog, Who Dis?

Greetings Dead Tree Fans!

Don’t worry, we were joking about having Princess Mary Sue write all our Dev Blogs for us (it’s pretty torturous to write like that tbh). However we weren’t joking about our book the “Diary of a Mary Sue” is in-fact done. We’ve sent it to the printer and are waiting to get the proof back for final inspection.

We also want to re-affirm that we are indeed going to BABSCon 2018 and will have 2 Panels; our usual Panel about the FoE PnP, as well as a second panel called “Drunk GMing is Magic Or: How to stop worrying and love the bomb”. We will also have a Vendor’s table at BABSCon, where we will be selling merch, as well as copies of our books. Additionally we will be running a table top table and demoing the game all weekend, but in honesty that’s not much of a surprise. There are also some other cool things that we will be doing at BABSCon, but we can’t tell you about them yet.

This week, aside from sending our Final PDF to the printer, we also worked on our system compendium “The Locked Safe”. Doing art and prepping and formatting the Book.

That’s everything this week, don’t forget to leave a comment and to check out our Discord Server, Patreon, Twitter, and Facebook too! See you all next week!

The Mary Sue Take Over

Blog post 15

Greetings Dead Tree Fans my Loyal Subjects!

It is I, your favorite monarch, Princess Mary Sue.

I have taken over this week’s Dev Blog Royal Dlog to inform you that instead of releasing their next book. DTS has instead agreed to  publish my Diary! Exciting right? Now all of you loyal subjects will get to see all my fabulous tips and tricks for making a character (and if you’re tentative about it, you might even make one as awesome and cool as me!), i’m looking forward to your impressive characters!

My Diary should be made available to the my Patreon and Indiegogo subjects sometime this month, and the rest of my loyal subjects sometime near the end of February/beginning of March.

On that note, DTS has asked me to relay some information for them, and because I’m just that fantastically nice and amazing and beautiful, I have decided to do so. I know, I’m just SO generous! Right?!

So here it goes, the super drab, boring DTS news that they asked me to tell you about (seriously I should be sainted for this generosity).

So first on the list of boring news is that Dead Tree Studios will be at BABSCon (Wait, what? Why wasn’t I invited!!!??? Golden Gates and I are Besties! I totes wanna be there too! (oh and I can’t forget Queen Quake, she’s such a doll <3). They apparently have two Super horribly boring Panels this year. Their usual “Fallout Equestria PnP” Panel  where they talk about their boring game, and then they have some “Drunk GMing is Magic” Panel where they are going to talk about being drunk while playing table top games… because table top games are so boring you need to be drunk to enjoy them.

The second is that they suck, and are terrible and boring, for not inviting me to BABSCon….. Bunch of butt heads!

Also they hope you had a fantastic holiday season.

Lastly they would like to announce that they’ve been working super hard on the remaining books (as if!) and have completed a lot of art and finalized the remaining manuscripts so they can prep for print.  The two books they are focusing on the most currently are their Game Master’s guide and their System Compendium. They don’t know which one will be released first, or when they will be released.

That concludes your very first Royal Dlog (so  much better than Dev Blog right?) I hope to see all you loyal subjects next week and am SUPER excited to read all your comments and compliments! So be sure to send those in!

It Crismas Merr Crismas

Good evening Dead Tree Fans! We hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season, whatever you celebrate.

Today we bring you some most fantastic news. The WSG is finished and we have started the process to print it. Indiegogo and Patreon supporters had the PDF emailed to them yesterday and final checklists are being…. checked.

To be honest it sounds super surreal, even to us. But officially The WSG has been released. Indiegogo/Patreon Supporters can expect to get their physical copies in January. Pre-Order customers can expect to get their copies around February/March.

Our next book we plan on releasing is our character creation Guide titled: Diary of a Mary Sue: A Character Creation Guide. The plan is to send it off to the printer sometime in January.

With that all set, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy new years. Along with a joyful holiday. Until next time Dead Tree Fans, which probably wont be until the 8th of January or so.

Midnight Hour

Blog post 13

Greetings Dead Tree Fans!

That is Correct! The final hours (well days) are upon us! Our Core Rule Book The Wasteland Survival Guide Is in its very last stretches. The only things left for us to do is: The last bits of item art and replacing the placeholders in the books, final read through and edits (the major edit was completed now the non-editing team gets to put their grubby hands all over it looking for mistakes), and getting the final blessing of Kkat, MadModd, Ulushia, Shadysteps,Usea and Doubleclick.

That’s it that’s all. Crazy random happenstances aside, we hope to have the book sent off to the printer VERY SOON!

As a reminder those who ordered books through our Patreon or Indiegogo will get Digital Copies emailed to them after we have sent the File off to the printer. Those who ordered via our pre-order store will have the books released to them a couple months after they have been released to the Patreon/Indiegogo customers.

Additionally, the Diary of a Mary Sue is fast approaching its title fight with our Editor-In-Chief. Who will win? The world’s cringiest writing, or a pissed off pilot with a red pen? Tickets on sale NOW!

No set release date yet but our hopes are to have our character creation guide released to the general public (non-Patreon/Indiegogo customers) before BABScon. No promises though.

With that we shall return to our dungeons, excited and giddy with the approaching release date. Be sure to leave a comment, check out our twitter, subscribe to our facebook and to take a cursory glance at our Patreon! 

Until next time Dead Tree Fans!

Happy….. Freedom Syrup….? Turkey Day

Or whatever the the Americans use in place of Maple syrup.

Greetings Dead Tree Fans!and welcome to quite the late Weekly Dev Blog.  We have been hard at work doing the final checks on the WSG. Our editor Biscayne is hard at work going through the WSG with a fine toothed comb, our art team is cramming on the living hell out of recouping art which is almost done, and L9 is whipping them relentlessly. Things are still on track for a December release, though slow going. Depending on where you live you might not get physical copies until January, but Digital copies will be emailed our hopefully before Christmas. So grab a seat on this post apocalyptic hype train.

With some luck, everything should be ready to be sent off to the printer in about 2 or 3 weeks. We will let you know as soon as it’s done.

For all of our Indiegogo backers please be certain that your questionnaire is filled out and accurate. Questionnaires close on Thursday at 11:59PM Eastern Time.

That’s everything for now. See you all next week Dead Tree Fans!

Trapped In a Hive

Greetings Dead Tree Fans!

We apologize for the extremely late Blog post, We’ve been rather busy with post con work and prepping for December’s release.

To start things off, Nightmare Night’s Dallas was a success. We only had a Panel and someone *Cough* L9 *Cough* forgot to make the slideshow available offline, so there were a few hiccups with the slideshow not loading but other than that the panel went quite well and we had great attendance. Met a lot of cool people, did a fair amount of networking and otherwise enjoyed ourselves by running games in the games room and hanging out with friends.

After that we have been putting final works into the WSG, which is now undergoing final checks by the editor. We should have it sent to the editor with time to spare.

We also decided how we will manage our pre-orders.  As we stated before, due to the software glitch that was the cause of our recent delays we are deciding to release 1 book at a time. As such we are focusing on our Patreon and Indiegogo backers first. Our Pre-order store customers can expect about a 3 month delay from the time of our Patreon/Indiegogo release before we send out their orders. That Time frame may get shortened but for now 3 months is what we decided on. Both out of fairness to our backers as well as to manage time and logistics accordingly. We want to commit as much time as we can to releasing the books as quickly as possible while maintaining the highest quality we can. We will be contacting our pre-order customers in the next month or so for final arrangements but so far the game plan is such: Pre-order backers will be asked to pay shipping, but for those with multiple books, book sets, figurines etc, they will be given the choice to wait for the set to be released and shipped in one shipment, or shipped individually as the books and products get released.

The Pre-order customers with the 500$ box sets will still get free shipping in the continental United States, but we will send them the digital copies first, and most likely ship small sets of released items instead of singular books as they are released.

Those with Digital copies in their pre-order will get the digital copies emailed to them as they get released for pre-order customers. Physical CD holders included

Patreon and Indiegogo supporters will get free shipping on all items and all items shipped as soon as they become available. Those with Digital copies will get the digital copies emailed to them once we have placed our order with the printing company. We are going to see about getting order mailed directly from the printer, But no guarantees at this moment.

Other than that, we have be continuing to play catch-up on our lost art and starting to get things all sorted for future conventions, and the remaining 5 books. L9OBL who writes this blog was kidnapped by Hunter Chrysalis and Discord-6 from Task Force Chaos, fighters of Fireteam Harmony. Champions of villains everywhere. Which is why is was unable to post a new  Blog update on Sunday. We’d Mount a rescue but other than the Blog update he’s been working tooth and nail on the books getting everything ready so we thought “why rain on Hunter Chrysalis’s parade of torment?”.

Also will be locking our Indiegogo questionnaire come the 3rd of December. If you’re an Indiegogo backer and haven’t received your questionnaire from August, please email us at info.deadtree@gmail.com and we will get things sorted. We still have a handful of questionnaires that haven’t been filled and not completing them could lead to delays in processing your order.

That’s the long and short of everything that happened these last couple weeks. Don’t forget to leave a comment and check out our Discord server and Patreon!

Until next week….. er 4 days from now!

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