On the Second Day of Blog Posts, Dead Tree Gave To Me…

…an RP full of fresh meat!

I mean a new batch of people interested in playing our system! For those who were there at Babscon and joined us for our game sessions in the tabletop games room, thank you for showing up and for the support. I personally didn’t expect more than 3 people to show up for the entire convention.

For those of you who didn’t make it to Babscon, let me fill you in on what happened. We had booked a table in the tabletop games room for the entire convention, where we all took turns hosting games using our Master List System. On the first day before our panel we had about 3 people show up and play a game hosted by Zen. However right after our panel when Moonhoof was hosting a game we had just about, if not a full table of people rushing to play. From there the attendance numbers kept increasing to the point where, when I hosted my games, there was at least a table and a half of people who joined in and played. Sadly it made gaming a bit hectic to the point where, after my session ended, we decided to host multiple games with smaller groups of people at the same time.

Also a few people who played, had never played the FoE PnP or knew little to nothing about Fallout Equestria as a whole. There was even a guy who wasn’t into ponies who loved playing the game and the system. To think that we here at Dead Tree Studios may have created something that people out side of the community can enjoy with people in the community amazes me to no end.

To sum all of this up we all still can’t believe that this convention and our official debut went far better than expected. It shows how many people are interested and really love this passion project of ours. For me personally it shows that this isn’t all for “nothing”, (as far as going all out when we could have done this for our selves and move on) but for the community we are dedicating this too. Again thank you all for the support and we hope you stick around for more from us.

PS. If dont know already, we have a Patreon page at the request of you guys. Please check us out over there if you looking to contribute to our endeavors, to help keep this project going. CLICK HERE to go to our Patreon page.

On the First Day of Blog Posts, Dead Tree Gave To Me…

…A Patreon Site!

Yes, we have a Patreon now! As many of you may be aware, We attended BABSCon 2016 and had a helluva good time! Part of that time was a panel, during which we asked our attendees if they would be interested in supporting us via Patreon. A Staggering number of people said they would. So, being the slaves to public demand we are, we set one up.

We are setting up some very special perks for our Patreon Subscribers, including art by our staff artists, GMs For Hire, and a special edition version of our Box Set exclusively for those who have more money than sense donate generously.

Keep an eye on this space for updates from the rest of the team; we have a lot of stuff to share with you, and a place for you to throw money at us is almost the least of it!



Babs-Con Quickie

Hey Dead Tree Fans, and new people who saw us at Babs, Most of us here at Dead Tree Studios have arrived home by now, however we still have unpacking, unwinding, crying through our post con depression and an assortment of other things to sort through over the next couple Days. Expect a few minor site updates soon. But we’ll give the whole run down and debrief of the con this weekend. in fact expect a lot of posts over a couple days after this weekend. We have a lot to sort through and even more to tell you!


With that we’d like to thank everyone who came out to see us at our panel or in the Table Top Games room at BABScon. We’d also like to thank our new friends at the Post Apocalyptic Broadcasting Studio.

So check them out at:







Pre-Con Update

Hey folks! Not much of an update today. We’ve been packing and planning for BABScon and getting things in order for our panel. If you’re going to BABS come check us out. Our Panel is called FoE PnP: Dead Tree and it’s at 10pm on Friday in the Lunar Hall.

Other than that we got a Little bit more art done which we’ll be showcasing at our panel. as well as some writing.

There most likely won’t be any updates next weekend either, things are probably going to be a little hectic so we’ll give you all a big update the weekend after the Convention.

also we booked a table in the Table top Games Room all day Friday And Saturday so feel free to come hang out and play some games.


Seeya at Babs!

Better Never Than Late…?

apologies for the lack of updates last weekend. Things have bee kind of a blur as of late and we totally forgot to update the blog last weekend.

So Things that have happened while we’ve been prepping for BABScon!

We started working on more art. Drafting weapon and item designs for the books.

Two more books close to being ready to be formatted in adobe acrobat.

lot’s of planning and preparation for the Convention, those going to BABScon, look for us on the programming Menu. Our Panel is called “Fallout Equestria PNP: Dead Tree”

With That I’ll head back to work. lots and lots of things still need to get done for BABScon. Can’t wait to see you all there!


Better Late Than Never

This week’s update has been kinda late due to family issues with a couple of the members, Myself included. As such not a lot got done. However things are still on track and come this upcoming weekend, a new phase in our production should be starting up so you have that to look forward to. Or at least we have something to look forward to, that isnt lots of writing… yay!

More Bland updates

So this week again, not a whole lot of interesting things happened, we’ve just been working on writing and formatting like the last couple weeks. We’ve also sat down and hashed out ideas for Mascots. so we may have a company mascot to parade around by the time Babscon swings around.

With that I’ll see you next week!

Boring boring-ness

So this week two things happened, Books are being written and formatted and we also finalized reserving a table in the BABScon Games room. so come look for us there as we will be running games as much as we can.

On a Side note. BABScon is looking for more GMs to host Tabletop games in the Games room. Be it, DnD Path Finder, Ponyfinder, Shadow Run, Whatever. So go apply on their website if you think tat would interest you.

Writing Blur

Last couple of days have been a blur. It’s been crunch time for writing and editing. Not sure this post was completely necessary considering the two others we’ve had this week. But a schedule is a schedule and it’s best not to break it.  Other than that not much else has happened this week.  Our Items, Spells and other such lists near completion and will undergo having their writing done up in the next week or so. After that they will be compiled into our compendium, dubbed, The Locked Safe and formatted for printing. Not a lot of art has been done and there won’t be much until after Babscon next month. Most of what will be happening is book writing, and prepping for our Panel. So expect a lot of short or boring updates for the next while.

All Work and No Play Makes Biscuit a Tired Editor

2016-03-03 (2)


First off, we are hard at work completing final review of the manuscript for our first rulebook.  Should be done with that by the end of this week, and then we can start prettifying it (that is, in fact a technical term).

Also, plane tickets and hotel rooms are booked for BABS.  This will be an exciting one for me personally, because it will be the third time I have attended, but the first time not performing at NEIGHeim.  It’ll be a nice change of pace to be a panelist and not a musician!

Anyway, just a quick update on our progress, and we’ll see you at BABSCon!


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