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Greetings Wastelanders. I’m taking over for the posting this weekend, as it seems the site has been infected by a slew of A’s from our Canuckian correspondent. I come baring good news, the rewrite of the wasteland survival guide is finished! -hold for applause- Now for the revisions and finalization of everything.

For those of you who haven’t seen it, go watch Deadpool. Seriously, it’s amazing. You have no excuse at this point. (Unless you’re severely underage at which point, why are you even here?)

Back to the keyboard. See you all at BABScon!

*Witty Deadpool Reference Here*

i dunno we’re game writers with computers I guess?

Either way, yours truly just watched Deadpool today, as, despite being one of the largest fans of the Merc with a Mouth, I have rules about seeing movies on opening weekends. Most of the reasons revolving around how much I hate people. Other than that, the things that got done this week were;

Pregen Character Sheets for Babscon were finished

more boring writing,


New mechanics and writing even more Perks and Traits

We decided on some designs for boxes and stuff

quotes started coming in, helping us decide who we want for manufacturing!

Self loathing, hating our lives and general disdain for our fellow man, also happened. In fact that was 90% of our week. Lots of shit got done and it sucked and was boring. thats the TLDR

Guess who almost forgot to make a blog update.

This guy!

Things have been pretty hectic this week. We’ve been prepping for BABScon, getting our presentations underway. The last mini figurine was sculpted and staff have started prepping things like travel arrangements and hotels and whatnot. Book writing has continued as normal and the major bits of art are almost done. We’ve also started scouting out all the manufacturing we’re going to need. Talking to printers and manufacturers and what not looking at what we’ll need to get done. Other than that there’s not much else I can say without giving away trade secrets.

So with that I’ll you fine folks next week!

BABSCON! BABSCON! Bronies come and play!

Blog post 5


We’re gonna make this thing amazing in the San-Francisco Bay!

That’s right Folks! You heard it here first! Dead Tree Studios Officially has a Panel at BABSCon! Happening the 22nd-24th of April, 2016 at the Hyat Regency SFO, Burlingame, California! Come check us out at our panel as we will be going in depth about our Fallout Equestria PnP Print projects, Show off a bunch of our art, some figurines even Some Demo books! We’ll also be talking about future projects, Timelines, answer questions and MAYBE host a game or two in the Games room. This Panel is going to be our major press release folks, so grab your Dice and good luck, cause it’ll be a wasteland in the panel room!

Hope to see you there!

One Small Book for Us, One Slightly Bigger Blog post for you

Blog post 4

So, like usual, a bunch of boring things happened this week. We got some more art done, we got other art done, and arted some other art. Yes ladies and gentlemen. Most of what happened this week was art.

On the not Art side of things. Our “Wasteland Survival Guide: Fallout Equestria PnP Core Rule Book” got past the writing stage.  all the words got worded and edited and now were gonna stuff it into Adobe Acrobat, add some pretty pictures and do all the formatting for printing YAY!

and that was what happened this week in the world of Dead Trees

To The Grindstone

Good Morning Dead Tree Fans!

It is I, L9OBL back with some more updates!

First off, our Core Rule book, is maybe a week or so out from having all the writing done. After that’s Set, we will be able to start formatting it!

After that Some awesome art was finished, and we started turning our printable character sheet into a PDF form to make it easier for those wanting to fill one out. And also for pre gen character sheets that we will be taking to cons and what not. Can’t forget the Pre Gen Character Sheets.

And that’s the Dethklock Minute. umm, I mean, the Deadtree… Paragraph…?

Here’s a title!



Good evening Dead Tree Fans!

This week actually brought a lot of cool things in the world of killing trees.

Most notably on the list, is that our website underwent a bunch of cool minor and major updates. The Gallery was also updated with mini fig pictures and some WIP art.

On the not so notable side We have completed the 3rd revision of our printable character sheets. Which you may find the first two pages of in the gallery. More editing and writing was also completed and a bunch of art was worked on as well.

and despite the niggling feeling that i’m forgetting something. That seems to be the High and Low of what got accomplished this week. At least from what I recall.

Good Evening, Wasteland!!

Hello wasteland  Dead Tree fans,

Greetings, my name is Moonhoof, or Moon, and the fifth member of Dead Tree Studios. I’m the lead writer here at DTS, which means I have the task of writing all of the books. ALL the books. Right now, we’re in the homestretch of prep-work with our books and other goodies. I’d say more but the NDA forbids it, :(. SOOO, that means you’re just gonna have to come see us at an MLP convention near you. Maybe. It kinda depends on if you’re stateside or in the middle of nowhere, siberia. Then sorry, we won’t be near you. But, ya know, planes exist!!

Anyway, I’m getting off topic. Its a pleasure to finally address you all. I look forward to finally being able to unvail all our hardwork.

Look, we’re official!!

Dead Tree Studios: The Welcoming.

Hello future Dead Tree Fans!

Let me take this opportunity to welcome you all to our new site, and to say how excited I am that we can finally start sharing the incredible things my colleagues and I have been working on. It’s been a long time coming in our quest for future world domination development of exciting and fun new gaming experiences.

Before I get too much involved on things I am allowed to talk about, Let me share a bit about myself. Here at Dead Tree Studios, I act as Editor-in-Chief of print media, and, once we release projects to print, will serve as distribution manager for our projects. So, in the future, when you are waiting on your front porch with baited breath for one of our books, you know who to send angry emails to!

(But seriously, don’t do that. Unless you want me to just send you a video of me laughing at you.)

Ok, now that the boring introductions are out of the way, now I can talk about interesting stuff.

1) Stay tuned to this blog for updates on Convention attendance. We have panels scheduled at cons coming up, and we will be talking about them as soon as we are allowed to.

2) We are in the process of finishing up final review of our first print project: the core rule books for the Fallout: Equestria PnP. More to be shared at said convention panels.

Those two things are literally all I can talk about, the NDA compels me.

But, that said, we are hoping to have some new things to update you on very soon, so stay tuned! Also, please look us up on Facebook and Twitter. We will be using those outlets to keep folks up to date, as well as share random tidbits, so following them would be in your interest.

So, thanks for listening to me drone on, and stay frosty!

Welcome to Dead Tree Studios 2016


Hello everyone. I’m Ty Trance, or, Ty for short. I hold a lot of positions here in Dead Tree Studios, but mostly I’m one of the main artists and the poor sap that had to code this site. As far as updates with our progress go, there isnt much to show that isn’t different from what we have been doing over the holidays. Hopefully this screen cap will give you a small glimpse into what we have done without spoiling things for you before we are ready to show it. (unlike the Star Wars spoilers I keep getting over skype!) All of us here at Dead Tree Studios are working relentlessly to bring you guys something that we hope that you all are going to love. Until next time, peace.

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