Welcome to Dead Tree Studios 2016


Hello everyone. I’m Ty Trance, or, Ty for short. I hold a lot of positions here in Dead Tree Studios, but mostly I’m one of the main artists and the poor sap that had to code this site. As far as updates with our progress go, there isnt much to show that isn’t different from what we have been doing over the holidays. Hopefully this screen cap will give you a small glimpse into what we have done without spoiling things for you before we are ready to show it. (unlike the Star Wars spoilers I keep getting over skype!) All of us here at Dead Tree Studios are working relentlessly to bring you guys something that we hope that you all are going to love. Until next time, peace.

Greetings from Canuckistan



Hello Dead Tree Fans! All 3 of you! Aha Joking. Not really, Sad Face. I’m L9OBL, bringing you this weekly update. Now, not a whole lot of exciting things happened in the Last seven or so days as the majority of us are spending the holidays with their families, away from our work spaces, or a computer with more then 2Gbs of RAM. But Long story short, we’ve been doing a lot of editing and writing and other boring garbage like that. I’ve also been screaming at my computer trying to get a rough printable character sheet put together for a New years eve game I’ll be hosting at a Nerd Cafe in Southern Ontario. So keep an eye out for me at the Cardboard Cafe on Dundas St, London, Ontario, Canada. I’ll be the awkward guy standing in the corner, handing out Business Cards.

With that, I bid you farewell untill our next blog update.


Oh, and Keep an eye on our website in January. Can’t say much, but some really cool updates are coming.

Welcome to Dead Tree Studios!

Stable door

Greetings and salutations,

I am Zenith or Zen if one prefers. I have the honor of christening our website. Here at Dead Tree Studios, a company dedicated to making Pen and Paper role playing games. To break the ice, our current project is the: Fallout Equestria PnP Print Project, a pen and paper game based on the Popular Story by Kkat.
This will be a constant project with many updates in the coming months and site improvements.

So my fellow wastelanders, I’ll see you later as I’m never posting again. I’m too nervous.

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