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*Whistles RWBY Soundtrack*

Can’t really say there’s too much to update you folks on this week.

Another book has finished the writing stage and is undergoing editing, after that, it’s off to formatting in  Adobe InDesign.

A bunch of finished art got completed as well.

I binge watched RWBY like 6 times. I think that puts my count at 23 or 24 times i’ve seen the series.

and we had a meeting over the weekend discussing exciting things like release dates, upcoming conventions, and art. As well as boring things like expenses, and paperwork.

That’s about it for now.

See you all next week!

Roll 20 Con “Experience Remains” Game Applications open.

You heard right. We are now accepting applications for our Roll 20 con game, Dubbed “Fallout Equestria: Experience Remains” on Roll 20.

Those interested may head: Here! To Apply

The game will be inspired by the Fallout 3 Point Lookout DLC, and take place 10 years before the events of the book.

Players will be exploring the Hayseed Swamps and will start at level 5 with 600 caps to spend on whatever you want.

The game will have a Max of 6 players (not including the GM) and start Friday June 3rd at Noon EDT and Run until the End of the Convention on Saturday at 3am EDT. (Most of us can’t get off our day jobs earlier to start up on Friday at 3am EDT when Roll20 Con actually Starts) but if more people sign up, we will have a waiting list to switch out players when people drop out or Die.

For more information and to sign up, Visit the game’s Roll 20 Page: Here!

Roll 20 Con

blog post 8

Yes, you read that right Dead Tree Fans. is having their own online convention and we at Dead Tree Studios are hosting a Roll 20 Con game! Now, details aren’t final and we are still planning out our game, session, Stream and a few other odds and ends required to ensure our game is the best it can be!

For more Specific Details on Roll20 Con you can check out their page: here! We will be hosting a Stream and GMing a public game for all you fine people to play with us. Sign up and details for the Game will be posted in the upcoming week. But will Take Place from: 12:00am Pacific on June 3rd and ends at 11:59pm Pacific that same Friday evening.

We will be playing our, Fallout Equestria PnP, with our pre release List. Spots will be first come, first served, and we will most likely have less than 10 Slots available. However we will be setting up a stream on twitch for the event and you will be able to hang out with us and watch us GM and Play through the stream.

So keep your Eyes peeled as we will be updating you all in the Near Future.

On the things which happened this past week. We were able to get a some equipment upgraded thanks to some generous Supporters. As well as got a good chunk of Final and Concept art done for the books. Our Patreon Supporters got a nice glimpse of what we have to offer and we decided to Extend our Straw poll a little longer. So if you haven’t Voted, go vote: HERE!

With that, we leave you to your evenings, and hope to see you all at Roll20 con on June 3rd!

Dead Tree Blog: Unprofessional Edition

yeah, yeah, I know. I’m late. This weekend and the predeceasing week have been pretty busy.

Another book is nearing the formatting stage,

we did a pre-release on our Master List System. It’s currently a tiny fraction of the full list and it’s been a pain picking and choosing what to release.  However you can find all the lists, the changes to Kkat and Sunrise’s original rules as well as our Master List Online character sheet under the ‘Projects’ Tab in the Menu.

A Slew of site updates have come as well so you may or may not spot those.

Some art has been released in our gallery.

and, as there was much debate between the DTS members, we decided to leave it to you, our Fans. Do you guys want the falling ash/snow effect on our website? Submit your response via the straw poll I made up: Here

With that I’m off to art some more. Ciao!

On The Third Day of Blog Posts, Dead Tree Gave to me…

Blog post 7

Three Awesome Panels!

Well, ok, not really. It’s one Awesome Panel from Dead Tree, and Mediocre Panels from our friends at P.A.B.S. xP JK

So for those who were not At BABScon or were not Present for our Panel here’s the long and short of what you missed:

Fallout: Equestria PnP:

We’ve been working on a comprehensive “Master List” system, for the last Three/Four Years.

Based off of the original Kkat/Sunrise system, we’ve updated the rules slightly, are re-writing the Core book to be a little easier to understand and added Loads of Perks, Traits, Weapons, Armour, Items, etc.

There are 6 Core Rule Books:

The Wasteland Survival Guide;Our core rule book and the only book you need to Play. This book will be sold at cost and any profits we might make off of it will go to charity, as it isn’t our IP.

Diary Of A Mary Sue: A Character Creation Guide, designed to help both new and seasoned players of the FoE PnP System, and Table Top RPGs in general, to create a character.

GM Bullshit The Overmare; Our Game Master’s Guide, filled with; lists, charts tables, how to make NPCs and Bosses, Traps, Taint and More! This Book is Designed to be everything a GM needs and More!

Hoofticuffs; Our Martial Arts guide, This book focuses on the Martial Arts Mechanics, and our expansive list of Martial Arts. From popular Styles like Fallen Ceasar and Doom Bunny, to ones we’ve come up with ourselves like Titan Slayer (Weaboo Intensifies! (no not that kind of Titan) )

The Locked Safe; List porn. Every Item, Perk, Trait, Spell and mechanic we’ve devised for this project and more!

The Gilded Cage: This is our Bestiary. It will contain… well all the Beasts, and monsters, and mobs. As well as a section on how to make your own monsters, and the necessary tools to make your own. Including Monster Perks!


Upon release, we will also have 3D printed figurines, A Map board, a GM Blind, A Dice Set (with our own minted D2 coin!), a CD/Thumbdrive with digital copies of; character sheets, all the books as well as links to the most up to date versions of everything. and a Box Set which will include all of these and even comes with free shipping!

We are also going to have Race, Mechanics, and Universe Expansion Packs which we will start working on after the initial release. Expect close to 50 different Races, Necromancy, Vehicles, other lands/kingdoms and more! We also plan to make map packs to sell for those more… enthusiastic fans.

We went over pricing during our Panel as well. Nothing is set in stone but expect about 40$ each for the books, 20$ for the CD, 15$ Each for the Figurines, and 500$ for the Box set, (which includes Shipping and handling to the US).

Further more we talked about future projects after FoE PnP,

Handed out Sparkle Cola Bottle Caps to our attendees

Blog post 6

and answered a bunch of questions. Mostly Pertaining to what changes we’ve made to the original rule set.


Saturday we went to an awesome Panel by our good friends at P.A.B.S (Who are the other jokers in that first photo) and suggest you check them out if you like Animation and Fallout Equestria, as they are working on animating a bunch of FoE Stories pertaining to things that have happened before the Fallout Equestria Novel. It’s actually really cool and we’d love for you to check them out!


Sunday we attended a Panel by Overmare Studios, giving a nice little update on their Fallout: Equestria video game. It was also really cool and we suggest you check them out for the very minute amount of people who haven’t heard of them!


Either way it was an absolute blast and we had a heck of a lot more people show up then we were expecting! So thanks again to everyone who showed.

At the risk of sounding like a Vegan cross-fitter who vapes. Check out our Patreon! We have tons of cool rewards including, commissions, Early Access, a special box set and more! So if you like what you saw at BABScon or what you read on our Website, support us on Patreon, every bit helps!

Babs-Con Quickie

Hey Dead Tree Fans, and new people who saw us at Babs, Most of us here at Dead Tree Studios have arrived home by now, however we still have unpacking, unwinding, crying through our post con depression and an assortment of other things to sort through over the next couple Days. Expect a few minor site updates soon. But we’ll give the whole run down and debrief of the con this weekend. in fact expect a lot of posts over a couple days after this weekend. We have a lot to sort through and even more to tell you!


With that we’d like to thank everyone who came out to see us at our panel or in the Table Top Games room at BABScon. We’d also like to thank our new friends at the Post Apocalyptic Broadcasting Studio.

So check them out at:

Pre-Con Update

Hey folks! Not much of an update today. We’ve been packing and planning for BABScon and getting things in order for our panel. If you’re going to BABS come check us out. Our Panel is called FoE PnP: Dead Tree and it’s at 10pm on Friday in the Lunar Hall.

Other than that we got a Little bit more art done which we’ll be showcasing at our panel. as well as some writing.

There most likely won’t be any updates next weekend either, things are probably going to be a little hectic so we’ll give you all a big update the weekend after the Convention.

also we booked a table in the Table top Games Room all day Friday And Saturday so feel free to come hang out and play some games.


Seeya at Babs!

Better Never Than Late…?

apologies for the lack of updates last weekend. Things have bee kind of a blur as of late and we totally forgot to update the blog last weekend.

So Things that have happened while we’ve been prepping for BABScon!

We started working on more art. Drafting weapon and item designs for the books.

Two more books close to being ready to be formatted in adobe acrobat.

lot’s of planning and preparation for the Convention, those going to BABScon, look for us on the programming Menu. Our Panel is called “Fallout Equestria PNP: Dead Tree”

With That I’ll head back to work. lots and lots of things still need to get done for BABScon. Can’t wait to see you all there!


Better Late Than Never

This week’s update has been kinda late due to family issues with a couple of the members, Myself included. As such not a lot got done. However things are still on track and come this upcoming weekend, a new phase in our production should be starting up so you have that to look forward to. Or at least we have something to look forward to, that isnt lots of writing… yay!

More Bland updates

So this week again, not a whole lot of interesting things happened, we’ve just been working on writing and formatting like the last couple weeks. We’ve also sat down and hashed out ideas for Mascots. so we may have a company mascot to parade around by the time Babscon swings around.

With that I’ll see you next week!