Over The Hump

Greetings dead Tree Fans!

About a week ago we released Dames of Asstoria Version 0.95 Finishing up almost all of the “big” game mechanics leaving us a rather short list of medium-esque sized mechanics or systems left. None of them that would greatly change how the game plays aside from numerical values affecting the game’s balance.

With VER 0.95 we have implemented:

-a “finished” Weapons and armor list (minus balance changes or other small changes/additions)

-an enchanting system

-Accoutrements (magical trinkets)

-a “finished Disciplines list (minus balance changes or other small changes/additions)

-Improvised weapons

-Using mounts

-Rewriting and adding rules clarifications

-Other small changes

So What’s left?

Excluding more playtesting, and more balance patches and other small changes we want to make due to feedback, we are looking at 4 major sections of the game:

Talismans: Talismans are a portion of our weapon system, we have had a fair amount of internal back and forth on how we want Talismans to work and how they should differ to magical staffs, So our big hurdle is simply finalizing that system and then stating a number of talismans for the system.

Crafting/Alchemy/Repair: Not much is left on the crafting system in terms of “heavy lifting”. The overarching system is in place and at this point we simply need to write out the crafter items lists and their recipes.

Destinies: This is our “end game+” content. Once you reach the max level of 10 it gives you something to continue with, for your character. Think of it like how in DnD and Pathfinder much of your level 20-30 character progression is usually looked upon as “acquiring godhood” or similar.

Chimeras/Bestiary: This is our last major bit of game mechanics stuff. Once all of our game mechanics have been written and finished, pending community playtest, we plan on using that system to craft our Core rule book bestiary. The current Chimera going into said bestiary are done, at this point it will simply be a matter of Stating them up.

Ok Then what?

We plan to have all of this done come December 2021, giving us until about March/April to have our editing team edit everything, including lore, while the rest of us play test the system in full (in addition to the other play tests we have been doing).

Once that is done we will then finish formatting the book (a demo version of the “book” for community review and feedback of the formatting is planned to drop in September). Followed by another final pass by the editing team hopefully landing us in June or early July. With the book done, and ready for print we are looking to send it off in July, get any proofing done and have the books arrive in early August for us to start mailing everything out. Having worked with this manufacturer before, along with the quantity of books and the fact that they are in the same state as one of our distribution centres, we aren’t expecting any egregious delays once things are sent off for printing. and while we agree that early July is a little on the late end for sending things to the printer, that’s more of our “last minute, had issues” timeline. If things go well we should be looking at early June for printing.

That’s everything for now! So grab your dice and praise Ze’Quarius! Do you have what it takes to overcome impossible odds and be knighted a Dame?