More lazy Blog-mins

Greetings Dead Tree Fans!

It has been quite the hot minute since our last blog post. Appologies on all that, there have been a lot of ups and downs due to covid, work, and personal life stuff with our staff, but we are alive and kicking and have been diligently working on Dames of Asstoria, as well as other things.

This weekend we have released playtest version 0.93 to our playtester server, which includes an expanded spell list, new disease mechanics, humans as a playable race, updated armor/weapon type mechanics, and more smaller mechanics that, while important, aren’t super game changing. Things like Fall Speeds, and starvation mechanics and the like. If you have the play tester reward from our indiegogo, you can follow the link to the server and find the release folder within.

Additionally we have been slowly working on our website, updating things on the back end. There isn’t much to talk about as this has been where most of our delays have happened, but our end goal is to eventually, fully migrate our website on to the Shopify, for a neater, cleaner experience.

We have also begun building a demo-book for the dames of Asstoria Core Rule book. We hope to have something to demonstrate at the next convention we show up to, but also we want to post the digital PDF to our playtesters and get their feed back. But also because L9 really likes formatting books and wanted stuff to do when he doesn’t want to look at mechanics. We aren’t expecting anything to be demonstrable for several months, but either way it will provide an excellent base for the final book when we are ready for actual formatting.

In Dames adjacent news we have also been active on our youtube: We have been uploading some music we’ve commissioned from Durrdiss as well as been livestreaming, both art and video gameplay, from our artists and a few friends who help out (as well as the DTS staff themselves). Both to put usage into the Youtube, and to help spread a little promotional material. Thanks to continued sales on our website we have a little extra money to spend on Dames promo stuff. So please go check it out and leave a comment or two!

The only other news worthy topic that comes to mind is that L9 has been making the occasional new server emote for our public server, which you can join here:

That’s everything for now! We will hopefully see you soon. So grab your dice and praise Ze’Quarius! Do you have what it takes to be knighted a Dame?