Dames of Asstoria Campaign End

Thank you everyone who backed and supported Dames of Asstoria these last 60 days! With your help we successfully raised 12,530$!  Unlocking a fourth stretch goal. We will most likely go a little radio silent over the next week or so as we organize and crunch numbers, after which we will release a financial break down for our expenditures, and where you can expect to see money going. 

Everyone with playtest rewards and with Fallout Equestria digital copies can find the links emailed to them. Most of everyone should have already received their links in their email, those who backed Dames in the last 5 or so hours will be getting them sent out in the next 20 minutes. If you don’t see any emails please check your spam folder. If you still can not find the emails please contact us at info.deadtree@gmail.com with your contribution number and we’ll be happy to get everything sorted. For those with playtester rewards we look forward to seeing you in the playtester server where we post the playtest rules and host games. Currently we have version 0.912 released which is focusing on character creation and we hope to soon release the character advancement system for everyone to play around with.

Those with the Chimera and Lore relavant characters will be getting instructions related to those rewards emailed to them within the next week. 

We are also planning on offering upgrades and add ons, though we are using our storefront to manage our pledges, as well as deliver rewards. This will give us a few benefits including a much better shipping price, lower than what we have on our campaign page, as well as giving everyone a chance to update shipping and automated tracking. It will take us roughly a month or two to make sure everyone is properly imported and everything is functioning as intended, but we’ll let everyone know as soon as we are set up. For those wondering why we are not using a pledge manager like Backer kit. Simply it comes down to value proposition. We absolutely adore Backer Kit and fully planned on using them if we had more backer than we were comfortable with managing. Currently the number of backers is not beyond our capabilities or comfort level so we have opted to do our backer management in house, as it makes more sense for us at this stage.

Lastly we have a dev blog over at  http://projectdeadtree.com/site/ which we tend to use for most of our updates and information dump. When things are busy and we are mad at work on a game we tend to update it weekly, and slow down between projects. most of our news on Dames of Asstoria will be updated their, however big importantant announcements will still also be updated through Indiegogo. In addition to Dames of Asstoria we are working on releasing a free NPC book for Fallout Equestria, as well as an Adventure module. No hard release date on either at this moment but we are hoping to have both done by Christmas. 

That’s everything for now. Thank you once again for all your support! We look forward to all of the adventures that await in the land of Asstoria. Do you have what it takes to become a Dame? Find out soon!