Too Lazy for a witty Title

Hey Dead Tree Fans

Short update, mostly to show we havent been nerfed by the rona.

Mostly working hard at getting the adventure module done. The Maps for said Module are like 98% done and will start exporting like this week.

We havent forgotten about the NPC book, we’ve just been putting it aside so we don’t have to look at character sheets anymore. It’ll come, even if we forgo the book format. It’s…. a LOT of NPCs. like 200 I want to guess? maybe more. so uhh yeah. Burn out on that front, give us time.

We have a patreon poll if you’re a part of the Patreon. Vote and tell us what kind of Discord server emojis you guys want.

Uhhhh we’re also working on another Race expansion to be released with the Adventure module.

And finally working our asses off on Dames stuff. Lots of cool things comming in the next few months on that front so be hype.

That’s everything for now… see you guys next time L9 remembers to do this between his death march work. Until Next time.