Feeling Disturbed

Because we’re down with the sickness

What? Pandemic jokes in this time of crisis? How uncooth! Why couldn’t Dead Tree have quarantined their sick sense of humour in this time of crisis? -Also Dead Tree

Greetings Dead Tree Fans, we are here with so more updates for you about the on goings and outgoings. First and foremost we here are all pretty much ok. A couple of us have fallen sick but so far nothing requiring a hospital. We already work remotely so things haven’t slowed down much, and as such we are happy to announce that the Magic Expansion is going to be released this week. No final day *just yet* as we are doing final checks and rereads but it WILL be out by the weekend.

Outside of that we are also working on an adventure module for Fallout Equestria. This will most likely be the only other Fallout Equestria related release we make before we fully switch and commit to Dames of Asstoria. This isn’t 100%, there may be other content we release while we work on the adventure module but no promises.

That’s it for now Dead Tree Fans. Stay safe, wash your hands as it gives you a +20 to your disease resistance and keep an eye out for that awesome Magical goodness. Also I suggest investing in polearms as they will allow you to stab those who cough on you from proper social distancing… distances.