Day 69 of Quarantine

The furniture don’t suspect that I’m not one of them. All is going according to plan.

Greetings Dead Tree Fans! Hope you are all doing well and washing your hands! Things have been, like the broken record says, hectic. Most of us had been working and being busy with our day jobs, but with the latest…. happening of 2020 we’ve thankfully had enough of some… CDC mandated time off to churn through the Advanced Magic Expansion. So that WILL be releasing quite soon.

We also have moved forward with the physical CDs, however due to the current COVID-19 Epidemic, those are currently on hold at the manufacturer. No current ETA on when they will arrive.

We have also received the updated proof for the Book set box which you can see here.

The manufacturer for them is no longer shut down due to Covid-19 so we will most likely be ordering a batch of them in. But there is still no telling when they will arrive or if mail service will still be operational when they get here.

Minifigures *were* done but L9OBL’s dog opened the room they were in and walked all over them so we still need to take stock of which ones need to be reprinted.

Other physical items like the box set box are currently being reconsidered. But no solid word on that yet. Though if we are remembering correctly, that box is really the only physical item left.

That’s it for now hope you are all doing well, and that you’re practising good hygiene. Remember to wash your hands, clean your phone, avoid touching your face and instead of stabbing people who get too close and/or cough on you we suggest you instead cut them with a pole axe, or halberd, as it will help you maintain proper social distancing.