Drunk on Cider

Happy Spooky Month Dead Tree Fans!

We’ve come to terrify you with news… or something. Lot’s of pretty good news too.

Minifigs are progressing slowly but surely. L9OBL started a new job and thus the printing has slowed down as he can’t print when he’s at work. So those will probably be done before christmas.

The Gilded Cage has finished editing, and L9OBL is using his limited free time to pretty it up and fix all the formatting errors caused by the editing team. He’s about halfway through all of that. The Gilded cage unfortunately won’t be available at Ciderfest, But should be released to Patreon and Indiegogo Customers around then should receive their digital copies.

Also we are going to be at Ponyville Ciderfest 2019! Which is happening Nov 1-3 in Milwaukee! so come and find us… Well specifically Moon, who will be the only one going.

We will also be showcasing the newly finished GM Blinds! Patrons who are in the Patreon Channel on our discord got to see pictures of the proof we got shipped to us. They look quite nice. Those who have box sets which include a GM Blind will have them mailed out with their GC. but if you’ll be at Ciderfest, shoot us an email and we’ll get things set up for you to pick up one of the  ones we are bringing to Ciderfest. We also lowered the Price of the GM blind to 10$ as well… we aren’t comfortable charging 20$ for really sexy looking thin cardboard. If anyone bought the GM blind for 20$ stand alone, and aren’t too pleased with this change (honestly we’re not sure anyone did), We’ll be willing to send you two.. or work something out… but uhhh that extra 10$ is kinda needed and we can’t refund it… sorry.  Either way, enjoy some pictures of the proof!



That’s everything for now. Until next week Dead Tree Fans! Be sure to leave a comment, check out our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Discord as well as our Patreon, and don’t forget to keep an eye out for our livestreamed game shenanigans!  And as usual, be careful, it’s a wasteland out there!