Crunchy good-ness

and by crunchy-goodness we mean the crunchy gooey goodness that is the remains of a party post TPK.

It’s that time again Dead Tree Fans! The wind whispers sweet spoilers, Dead Tree Staff cry in panic and fear, the masses march in fevered anticipation. It’s as the prophecies foretold, another book nears release.

The Bestiary is finished formatting. All 175 monsters, all the Perks, traits, tricks that make up the basis for your GM’s revenge are in the book and *Almost* ready for the Editing Team.  This book still requires a once over by the Writing and Game dev teams to ensure that the monsters, their loot, XP gain, etc all all good and fair. This check should, if our day lives don’t interfere too much, be done in the next couple days. After that it should take the Editing team about a week or so to go through the book and do their thing. After that, the formatting team needs to give one more once over and then the book should be ready for the printer and Indiegogo/Patreon Release. There still isn’t a hard set release date, but we are hoping for about the 7th or 8th of September.

In more exciting and less “damn it release the book already” news. We are also excited to have announced on the 23rd of August, our official incorporation anniversary, that the Changeling race expansion will be available (in digital format only) for purchase on September 1st 2019! Indiegogo and Patreon customers of sufficient tier will get the expansion for free, but other than that, this expansion will be available for purchase to EVERYONE at the same time.  So look forward to that, as that will be out in less than a week!

After the release of the Gilded cage we will be working on the free PDF addition which is the still unnamed NPC book. NPCs are still being stated and we aren’t going to rush too much as we are also looking to work on finishing up add-ons promised during our indiegogo campaign, so it may take a while to get done.

That was everything that’s happened this past week. Until next week Dead Tree Fans! Be sure to leave a comment, check out our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Discord as well as our Patreon, and don’t forget to keep an eye out for our livestreamed game shenanigans!  And as usual, be careful, it’s a wasteland out there!