Brony Con Blues

Greeting s Dead Tree Fans!

BronyCon was last week, so let’s get into how that went. All and all it was good time, Moonhoof spent most of the convention in the Vendor’s hall, where we sold out of most of the books. Zen spent a lot of time running games of Fallout Equestria and Demo-ing Dames of Asstoria. Both had excellent tunr outs and were usually full. We also had our panel on Friday Night, which was packed full despiteĀ  competing with the concert! We talked about the Gilded Cage, The NPC Factions book, and the Changeling race expansion, as well as Dames of Asstoria, our next project after Fallout Equestria is done.

Speaking about the Gilded cage, quite a bit of work has gone into it and the book is almost finished formatting. It’s missing a few monsters, and the Monster Perks/Traits still need to be put in. The Changeling expansion is also almost complete, and should be releasing near the beginning of September.

That was the short of everything, We had an absolute blast at the last ever BronyCon and we are glad we got to share it with those of you who came and interacted with us.

Until next week Dead Tree Fans!