Locked in a Safe with an A.I.

Greetings Dead Tree Fans!

Let’s get into what has happened and ignore the missed update from last week!

You may not have asked “So what stupendous and awesome updates are there?” But we’re gonna answer that question anyways… because that’s why we’re here….

First and most importantly! The Locked Safe: System Compendium has been publicly released! Those who have purchased digital Copies have been emailed the link, while those who have ordered physical copies can expect them a little later, as due to their size they are taking a while to print… That and you all keep finding things to fix. .Epubs of the Locked Safe will be ready when they are ready. Unfortunately the book isn’t wanting to export super well.

Next we have news about our next Book, The Gilded Cage!

This one is a bit more complex of an update. No we aren’t pushing back the intended release window of “BronyCon-Ish”. However, while working on the Gilded Cage we realized something, and that is, with everything we promised, All the monsters, mobs, and NPCs. This Book will be around the same size as the Locked Safe. Which honestly, we want to avoid. Partly because the massive size really isn’t a boon. While we don’t dislike the Locked Safe being almost 700 Pages, we know that with the Digital and Printed versions, it can be a bit of a task to look through everything. In addition, Sales of the Locked safe up until we increased the price were actually sold at a loss. Not a massive issue, but we would like to not lose money so we can pay our bills. Additionally, While we promised 300 Entries, about 150 ish being Monsters and animals, the rest being NPCs and Factions (Raiders, Enclave etc). If we were to keep things around 300 entries, we noticed that things would be lacking, either missing factions, or factions with almost no entries, or a distinct lack of variations with the monsters and Animals. Which with how massive and large the Fallout Equestria Univers is, it’s another thing we want to avoid. Especially since a lot of the stating is already done.

So what are we changing? Are we cutting content?

No, we aren’t cutting content per se. What we have decided is to split the Gilded Cage into two books. The First, which will keep the Name “The Gilded Cage” Will have all the Monsters, animals, monster perks and build your own section. The Second book, which is currently unnamed, will be a DIGITAL ONLY, Factions book. In it will be all the pre generated Raiders, Enclave, Steel Rangers ETC. Because we are keeping this book Digital only, it will allow us to add *more* factions, and Flesh out the current factions even more. Currently we are planning on doubling the amount of faction NPCs that we had previously planned. With larger Factions like the Enclave or Rangers having 20+ entries, and roughly 20 different factions, including Filly Scouts, Zebra Remnants, Slavers Townsponies, and more! Why? Well we hate ourselves, and unfortunately Fallout Equestria is such a massive system, having been based off of a free to play publicly available game, there is a massive amount of content already out there and our goal has always been to bring it all into one unified system. If this were a completely new original game built from scratch things would be a little less massive as there wouldn’t be nearly 7 years of content we are trying to cram into less than 10 books.

So will you need to pay us MORE money to access this yet unnamed factions book?

No, if you have already purchased the Digital Pack, or pre-ordered a physical Copy of the Gilded Cage, you will get the PDF for Free. That is one of the main reasons we wanted to do this factions book as a PDF. We don’t lose money, and you ALL get EVEN MORE content. That being said with the addition of this 7th book we will be increasing the price of the Digital Pack to 35$ USD. As we believe that 5$ per PDF is a fair price. The physical copy of the Gilded cage will stay at 40$ and include the Factions book PDF for free.

But I don’t like Digital. Can I get the Factions book in a printed format?

Currently, no. However, if enough people desire it, we will be happy to do a batch order and bring the Factions book to print.

When will this Come out?

Currently we don’t have any planned released date, but we are hoping for about a month after the Gilded Cage is released.

Lastly lets talk about our final bit of news for this week, BronyCon! That’s right we are attending BronyCon and will have both a Vendor’s Table AND a Panel! So keep an eye out for more news on that!

That was everything that’s happened this past week. Until Next week Dead Tree Fans! Be sure to leave a comment, check out our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Discord as well as our Patreon, and don’t forget to keep an eye out for our livestreamed game shenanigans!  And as usual, be careful, it’s a wasteland out there!