That’s just like, your temporal perception man

Greeting Dead Tree Fans!

We are back again with a a super late dev blog.

So what has happened these past couple weeks? Mostly a lot of double, triple, quadruple and quintuple checking of the Locked safe for errors. Many thanks to all of the patreon and indiegogo customers who graciously pointed out everything we had missed.

We also made .epubs of ALL the books currently released, and added them to the download link we have been handing out to customers.

Next is that we have re-formatted our second book: Diary of a Mary Sue, to be more legible. While we have very much enjoyed all the pain and suffering that the cursive has brought to you, we realized that a much more terrible fait awaited you if you could actually read the book. So, to advance our spiteful plans of suffering and malice, we have decided to re-format the font, unleashing the Pandora’s Box, or Mary’s Book if you will.

Last bit of news is that we are working hard on our final book, The Gilded Cage, and are hoping to get it released sometime around BronyCon 2019.

That was everything that’s happened this past week. Until Next week Dead Tree Fans! Be sure to leave a comment, check out our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Discord as well as our Patreon, and don’t forget to keep an eye out for our livestreamed game shenanigans!  And as usual, be careful, it’s a wasteland out there!