BABSCon Blues


BABSCon 2019 has came and went Dead Tree Fans, So lets discuss what happened!

This year ended up being a little… odd. The first half was a caffeine and stress fueled blur, while the last half was a little slower. So we will try and stick to the important events and announcements, but we might be forgetting some thing!

Friday saw a game of Fallout Equestria played in the Golden Gates Loft, and and after dark session in the Trixies Table top room!  We want to thank everyone who came and played with us, and hope you had fun!


On Saturday, not only did we run several games but we also had our panel! Where we announced all the cool things you’re probably actually here for, SO to recap our panel:

Our System compendium is ALMOST DONE. We are hoping to have the last bits of art done in the next couple days. At which point the locked safe will undergo a final review and then sent off to the printers. We will be sending a copy to Patreon/Indiegogo customers when the art is done, because we love and appreciate you, but also because free editorial slave labour. What? We all know it, no point calling it something else. But seriously, it’s a really massive book, and while having Patrons/Indiegogo customers help with proof reading the final copy of new books, is an un-intended side effect of this early access system we set up (due to that system crash years back), it’s still very appreciated. So thank you.

To expand on the Locked safe, there isn’t going to be a quick access chart for perks and spells, Doing so would make the book waaaayyyy too large to print, so we will be creating an accompanying PDF available for free, available whenever it gets done.

We also talked briefly about the Gilded Cage, which we are hoping to have available by BronyCon!

After all six books are done, we will be finishing up the little extras we promised like GM blinds, mini and etc. Current timeline for all of that is September-ish.

We also announced that we will be releasing Changelings as an expansion race, after the Guuilded Cage/alongside the little extras.

We also announced our intent to run “Lore Games” (name pending) where we have one official game we set aside, with a unique story/campaign that we run every convention. Players bring their own level 10 characters and everything that happens in this games gets written down and put up on our new World Forge, becoming cannon with our Dead Tree Universe Cannon. This World Forge will be made available to everyone as we are using these “Lore Games” to practice using World Forge.  Why? Well because we ALSO announced our new IP, that we will be working on AFTER Fallout Equestria. Which we are wanting to use world forge with to help us set up our world and lore.


Which Brings us to our NEW GAME:


Dames of Asstoria™ is a new Monster Girl, Table Top RPG, we have been putzing around in our spare time (read: discussing lore during road trips, and slow parts of conventions), that we will be working on when we are finished with everything we promised for Fallout Equestria. Dames of Asstoria™ takes place in the world of Asstoria, a world created by the god Zequarius, a very Zeus-esque god. Many years after creating the world, and humans, Zequarius, in his boredom, decides to procreate with a passing horse, resulting in the birth of a Centaur, the first ever Demi-Fauna. Many centuries, and much godly shenanigans later, there are hundreds of thousands of different Demi-Fauna, fathered by Zequarius. Many more than the current human population. However, there is much unrest amongst the Demi-Fauna, as the Demi-Fauna men see how Zequarius favours the humans, and that the Demi-Fauna women also favour Human lovers over Demi-Fauna men. This unrest eventually leads to a massive global scale war between the Demi-fauna and Zequarius.

This war, lasts about 10 years and finally ends when the Demi-Fauna, in their desperation, trap and seal away Zequarius in a mountain, but not before Zequarius curses the Demi-Fauna to only ever birth women. Both as a punishment to his children who betrayed him, and as a gift to the humans, who loved him unconditionally and stayed out of the war at his request. Soon after the defeat of Zequarius the Demi-Fauna turn on the Humans and commence the subjugation wars, in an attempt to subjugate and enslave the humans, which the Demi-Fauna see as inferior.

During this 50-ish year war, the Demi-Fauna discover that they are incapable of birthing men, and three desting human factions rise up. The human kingdom of Asstoria, named after the first king, who rallied humans into a successful resistance, The church of Zequarius, who arose to bring hope and faith in these dark times, and the Cartographers guild which came to be, in order to re-map the world ravaged by a global war of godly power.  After the humans win the subjugation wars, Demi-Fauna become ostracized, treated as second-class citizens, and hated as traitors who killed god. Humanity bands together under one banner as the Kingdom of Asstoria, the church of Zequarius, now a Global Religion becomes a major political power, fueling the division and hate against the Demi-Fauna, their public enemy, as many religions do, and enact a ban on all things magic. The Cartographers Guild re-brands itself as the Adventurers Guild, with the large part of the world of Asstoria mapped and many Cartographers acting as impromptu heroes and adventurers to aid the citizenry during the Subjugation Wars. These Adventurers now explore ruins, and remnants of the war, as well as fighting off the various chimera, monsters created as a consequence of the 10 year war against Zequarious, which resulted in many of the local animal and plant life being slammed together and fused into the monstrosities seen today.

Many more years pass by and the Demi-Fauna spend their lives as slaves, serfs, servants, or keeping to themselves away from humans, as many second-class sub-human races do. Taking humans as mates to propagate their species, when and where they can. Until one day, a small town is besieged by gelatinous monstrosities, and small child like monsters with skin of stone, wood, other materials, and the ability to shape shift into objects. So begins the first Slime-Mimic war. With these creatures nigh impervious to the steel and fire of the humans, 6 Demi-Fauna begin a quest to stop the Slimes and Mimics, lest the world be destroyed.  After being the first Demi-Fauna to join the Adventurers Guild, an adventure of epic proportions, and the King of Asstoria having his life saved, the 6 Demi-Fauna are given honors. Earning the Title of Dame, land for them to live, and status for them and their race. While not bringing these six races on equal footing as humans, they now have a home to call their own, and a semblance of sovereignty. With members of their races able to pursue interests such as business, adventuring, smithing, and other such professions previously deemed “not suitable for Demi-Fauna”. The church also lifts its ban on magic ushering in a new age of technological progression.

The Game takes place 50 years after the end of the First slime mimic war.

We are all very excited about this new game, and can’t wait to start working on it full time near the end of 2019. While we have a large chunk of the overall lore figured out, some or all of this may change by a little or a lot, and we are really excited to get into the nitty gritty lore of every culture and race we can, including customs, clothing, diet and culinary. which is why we are setting up a world forge, as we won’t be able to fit all of this into 1 core book of roughly 200 pages. Also, while this game is rather high-fantasy in terms of genre, we are really excited to design all the weapons and armor, which we plan to make as realistic as possible. None of that “chain mail bikini of invulnerability bs” proper armor designs that are effective and designed in accordance to the culture and body of the wearer. Same thing with weapons, we aren’t a big fan of the over the top fantasy weapons, and will be trying to stick to more realistic designs, like war hammers. we want *actual* real war hammers and war pics, and gambesons! There are simply not enough gambesons in fantasy pop culture. Not that there wont be cool fantasy armors. They’re just going to be realistic and plausible.

All the Wonderful art was done by… Shit I forgot their name….. but it wasn’t us, it was an amazing person we hired, who L9OBL cant remember the name of because he’s an idiot and doesn’t do names very well. (Seriously, he once called Moonhoof, L9OBL, Like how do you forget your own name? Shadelow… the Artist was Shadelow, so go give them some love, for the amazing smug anime girls (seriously their art is amazing).

Mechanics wise we are building the game with a D10 base success system, and a “build your own race” character creation system. We like our D10s and think it will be a good place to go considering all of our experience with Fallout: Equetria’s D10 base roll under system. The “build your own race” system will be the most complex for us to build and organize, as we want to set it up in a simplified manners, and organized into a flow chart for easy race building.


After our panel, Zen ran a “character creation demo” as a precursor to the “Lore Game” that evening, which saw excellent attendence. and Moon ran a wonderful game of Fallout Equestria in the Cypress B Foyer.

Sunday saw more Games of Fallout Equestria in the Cypress B foyer, along with a Demo to Dames of Asstoria’s basic dice system that Zen, our Lead game designer had put together in order to get feed back. So thank you to everyone who showed up and allowed us to get input on our ideas  so that we can put together the best system we can.

Finally Monday came and after another brief demo of Dames of Asstoria, We all packed up and closed down.


We want to thank EVERYONE who came out to BABSCon this year and played games with us, attended our panel, visited our Vendor’s table and overall just had a good time! BABSCon left us absolutely exhausted, but if you enjoyed it, so did we.


To wrap up everything that happened this past week, we all got home safely, slept a lot, and a little art happened.

That was everything that’s happened this past week. Until Next week Dead Tree Fans! Be sure to leave a comment, check out our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Discord as well as our Patreon, and don’t forget to keep an eye out for our livestreamed game shenanigans!  And as usual, be careful, it’s a wasteland out there.