Everybody Was Kungfu Fighting

The book building was fast as lightning.

Greetings Dead Tree Fans!

This update is a short but exciting one, because this weekend we have finally fimished all the stating and writing for our Martial Arts guide and started putting everything into book format. With a little luck, and with our day jobs not demanding 18hr days (so more luck) we are hoping to get the book ready for the editors in 1-2 weeks. And have the book edited and ready to print by the end of February. So fingers crossed.

Now in usual DTS luck fashion watch life hate us and make it not happen.  Though bad luck or not the Martial Arts guide will be publicly released and available at BABSCON 2019. Though it should be publicly available in late March/Early April.

Other things which happened were lots of art for the locked safe, and Ty’s computer died again, significantly slowing down the art process for the locked safe. Meaning no art will happen until his computer is replaced or the Martial Arts Guide is done and L9OBL can start doing art again.

That’s everything which happened this week, until next time Dead Tree Fans! As usual please check out our Twitter, Discord, Facebook and Patreon, as well as our store. Remember to be careful because it’s a wasteland out there!