Electric Avenue

Is not where L9OBL went…

Greetings Dead Tree Fans, these last few weeks have been rather tumultuous. Mainly for L9 our project manager (who also writes all the Dev Blogs), as he spent a week without internet, and has been without power since Friday sue to a tornado taking out his local power substation. Fun.

Though that all seems to be sorted for now.

Things which have happened since our last dev blog include: BOOKS! That’s right, a fresh batch of books, hot off the presses have arrived! Both Indiegog/Patreon orders of the GMBS and back-ordered WSGs will be sent out this week. Digital copies of the Game Master’s guide will be sent out to general public orders a few days after the Indiegogo/Patreon customers have their books mailed out, and respective general public physical copies of the Game Master’s guide will be mailed out a week or so after that

So, for those of you chosen to be overmares, expect to receive your Stable-Tec issued Overmare’s Guide to Duty in the coming weeks.

Other things that happened were art, and… well more art. For both the next book, looking to be the Martial Arts guide, and the System Compendium. The bestiary keeps getting larger and more terrifying… as if some mad floof has gotten hold of the manuscript and is running wild with monsters of Party Annihilation.

That seems to be everything for now. Until Next week Dead Tree Fans!  Be sure to leave a comment, check out our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Discord as well as our patreon.  And, be careful, it’s YOUR wasteland out there!