On the Con of a Dragon

Greetings Dead Tree Fans!

A little late on this week’s update, but here is everything that’s happened so far:

DragonCon Set Up: We have been prepping to go to DragonCon 2018 and Strut our stuff, we don’t have any reserved games tables or events or anything, but we will be around for back alley crits and any walk in table reservations that the con may have.

Book stuff: The Game Masters guide is still undergoing its pre-print set-up on Ingram spark. For some reason things have been taking quite a while and have had a significant amount of issues. Hopefully we can get orders placed before DragonCon, though it looks like non-indiegogo/patreon orders will need to be delayed a couple weeks. We’ll keep you updated.

Art: Lots of art got done, both for the Locked Safe, and Hooftycuffs our martial arts guide, which is looking to be our next release. The goal is to have it done late September, early October, with the Beastiary out around November and the Locked done in December. How off the mark those estimates are? Hopefully not too much.

Until Next week Dead Tree Fans! Be sure to leave a comment, check out our Facebook, Twitter and Discord as well as our patreon.  And as usual, be careful, it’s a wasteland out there!