Salutations, citizen!

My name is Curly Cabbage, the Chief Officer of Fringe Arcano-Science at Stable-Tec. You are receiving this message because you have been selected to participate in vault 112.  Please register with Stable-Tec to secure your place today! Vault 112 will be officially open and completed in mid September, though Stable-Tec selected V.I.P.s have already been issued their pip-buck, barding and manual. We look forward to keeping you safe and thank you for choosing Stable-Tec.

Curly Cabbage,
Chief Officer of Fringe Arcano-Science,
1 Stable-Tec Offices Lane
Canterlot, EQ


Greetings Dead Tree Fans!

As you read above, our Game Master’s guide titled: The Overmare is complete and has been sent off to the printer! Indigogo and Patreon supporters have received their digital copies already, and the Game Master’s guide will be available to the general public come mid-September!

This last week we went to GenCon and had an absolute blast! No tables or exibitor spaces were had, as we mostly went to explore and meet people. But we did run a game which had 16 people show up to play.

A special shout out to the two awesome ladies cosplaying as Zone-tan and Shadman. 11/10 best cosplay at GenCon, would let you watch us fap again.

Additionally we met the really awesome people from Shard Studios, who make the Table Top RPG “Shard RPG” which is an awesome story telling based Table Top game set in the world of Dárdünah, an amazingly vast high fantasy world inspired by Indian culture and mythos. We highly suggest checking them out on their website HERE. Both the game and the people behind the game are extremely fun and awesome and deserve your love and attention.

Unfortunately L9OBL is horrendous at taking photos, so he stupidly didn’t think to get a group photo. Though Zen seems to have come through with a photo of Yishai, the game tester, and his awesome hairdo.

Now, with the shilling of things we adore done (who are we kidding, the shilling is NEVER DONE!), lets move on to the rest of what happened this week. Things that have happened that we haven’t talked about yet are: more art, as usual. Not only for the Locked safe, but after many years of ignoring it, L9OBL has started putting in actual art on the Convention Circuit pre-gen characters, instead of drunkenly stolen art from google. We also worked out the majority of the lore that will be present in our next Game we are making. The inspiration to do so, largely because of Shard Studios and their 10,000 years of lore and the immeasurable amount of passion they have for their game. What can we say? Passion is contagious! Also, 10+hr road trips.  Lastly, there have been some website maintenance and overhauls. Mainly to fix a lot of the breaking from mobile view.

Until next week Dead Tree Fans! Be sure to leave a comment, check out our Facebook, Twitter and Discord as well as our patreon.  And as usual, be careful, it’s a wasteland out there!