Con-Con can you do the Con-Con!

Greetings Dead Tree Fans!

Not a whole lot has been happening this past week. Mostly Convention-going and convention prepping. Moonhoof and Zen spent this weekend at BronyCon, and this week DTS is gearing up to send L9OBL and Zen to GenCon in Indianapolis! So there won’t be any Dev Blogs next week. As we stated in a previous Dev blog, we have a table and will be running games on Friday. So come check us out.

As for book progress. Our Game Master’s guide has completed all it’s formatting and editing and is currently undergoing indexing. We are hoping to have it sent off to the printer as soon as we return from GenCon.

That’s everything that’s happened this week, until… well two weeks from now Dead Tree fans! Don’t forget to leave a comment below and to check out our discord server!