Weeks, Days? What’s The Difference?

Greetings Dead Tree Fans!

Firstly, we are well aware that this Deve Blog is a little over due. For full clarity we don’t have any decent excuses, we were busy and forgot.

So to cover everything that has happened since our last Dev Blog, Our Game master’s guide is done formatting and currently going through its post-format editing. at which point it will get another quick review from the formatting team, then get sent of to get it’s index and Glossary made. We’re hoping to have our Game Master’s guide sent to the printer, and Patreon/Indiegogo customers before the beginning of August.

Hoofticuffs: our martial arts guide is currently undergoing formatting, with the intent to be done in August. The Compendium is still having it’s art completed and is on schedule for a release in December as Art is the only thing remaining.

Additionally, DTS is revving up to attend Gen Con from August 2 to August 5 2018. we will be running a game Called Project Dead Tree on Friday August 3rd at 1:00 PM,¬†at Omni : McClellan Hall : 1–5. So if you’re going to GenCon come find us!

That’s been pretty much everything that’s happened these past couple weeks. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, annoy us on Discord, Comment, Buy our merch and all that other self promotion stuff we hardly ever talk about! See you all next week!