Stable Updates

Greetings Dead Tree Fans! This week brings a variety of updates! The most notable being that our Game Master’s Guide has a new Cover Design! With the “Great Mishaps of 2017” We had a need to rewrite a chunk of our books, including our Game Master’s guide. With that re-write came a new narrative thematic, and though we kept the same title as before, we decided that the old cover was no longer a proper fit for our new narrative. While the design itself isn’t 100% finalized and may see some tweaks between now and the final release of the book, those with the appropriate Patreon tiers will be able to see the current version in the Sneak peak folders.

The Game Master’s guide has the majority of it’s formatting done, and should be on schedule for a release in the next month or two.

Additionally, our Compendium has undergone it’s final major edits and format adjustments and is currently having its Index and Glossary being written up. After that, all that will be left is art.

That’s currently everything that has happened this week in the excitingly boring lives of DTS. Until Next week Dead Tree Fans!