Post BABSCon Blues


Greetings Dead Tree Fans!

We are back from windy San Francisco after an absolutely wonderful time at BABSCon!

To give a short re-cap for now, things went rather great. We had two panels, the first being our “Drunk GMing is Magic: Or how I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb” on Friday night. That panel went about as well as you would expect. Lots of drunk shenanigans and stories, making fun of friends in the audience, and what not. It was a great time everyone seemed to have fun.

Our Second panel was our usual “Dead Tree Studios: Fallout Equestria PnP” Press release panel and that went over quite well as well. We talked about the FoE PnP and the journey it’s been to get it to where it’s at. We talked about things that went wrong, and things that went right. We also talked about our future plans including the 3 Games we are looking forward to working on AFTER we finish Fallout: Equestria PnP.

On top of that we ran games in the TTG room for most of the convention, which was a lot of fun. We saw a lot of faces, both new and old.  Some people brought their own characters, others used pre-gens. Things got rather interesting.

Lastly we had a Table in the Vendor’s hall and sold quite a lot of books. In fact we sold most of everything we brought, which was pretty exiting! Aside from the Printer kicking the bucket and the occasional lack of reception for the card reader, things went extremely smoothly.

All in all we had a LOT of fun and did extremely well.

On the not Con Side of things, book rebuilding is progressing well, albeit a little slow, and we are taking steps to make our social media less dead. And by “taking steps” we mean hired our friend Needle-Stitch to do it for us. By “hired” we mean that we told her we’d stop making fun of EAST Corp if she helped us. Lol

One of the other projects we are working on is that we are currently planning on setting up and Live streaming a Saturday night Gaming session. Currently no solid Time/start date. But hopefully it will begin in the next couple weeks. We’re hoping to showcase some of the unreleased stuff that will be in our system compendium.

Additionally the “Diary of a Mary Sue: A Character Creation Guide” is finally released to the General public! Those with digital copies should have already gotten theirs, those with physical copies will have theirs mailed out this week!

That’s everything for now.  See you all next week Dead Tree fans! Don’t forget to leave a comment below and to check out our discord server! Until next week!