We do it for the low, not the high.

Greetings Dead Tree Fans!

This week saw us mostly putting our efforts into convention prep, packing, organizing, making lists, checking them twice, getting hyped for the month of post con depression etc etc. You know, the usual.

Additionally there was some more book building and prepping for print. Excluding the lost art, our Compendium “The Locked Safe” is almost completely re-built.

Last on the list is something that has actually been on our “to post about in the dev blog” list for weeks now, but someone *cough*L9*cough* had kept forgetting. Our sponsor Fiaura the Tank Girl┬áStreams Games of Fallout Equestria every Wednesday and Saturday, and has a Fic she writes about the escapades called Fallout Equestria: Remains. They’re a lot of fun to read and watch and you should very much check her stuff out. And for the last time, no, we don’t need to be rescued from the clutches of Queen Quake, she’s actually quite the fair benevolent god. It also helps that we have a constant supply of excellent coffee.

That’s everything for this week. There may OR may not be a Dev Blog up-date next week, if not we will see you all again AFTER BABSCon. Unless you’re at BABSCon, in which case, come say hi and buy stuff from us! Until next time Dead Tree Fans!