Something Witty

Greetings Dead Tree Fans.

These past two weeks have had us pretty busy so ill cut to the chase. Mainly we have been working our butts off on putting the next books together. No set release dates though. We have also been hard at work prepping for our two BABSCon panels and getting our ducks in a row for our vendor’s table.

Additionallysome of you nay have found out that we took down the pre-alpha lists. The reason being that not only are they out of date they are also not very well balanced. If you would like access to the final lists we ask that you purchase either the digital copy or printed copy of the WSG. The pre-alpha rules however will remain on the website, but will eventually be replaced by a quick start guide.

That’s all fir now. See you all next week Dead Tree fans! Don’t forget to leave a comment below and to check out our discord server!

Until next week!