Casting Bars

Greetings Dead Tree Fans!

We bring you a slightly late dev blog, as we were busy with… things (ok we were crying about the up coming valentines day we will be spending in crippling loneliness…again).

Biggest things that happened was all the work we got done. a couple changes to our website and web-store are in the works aswell, so keep an eye out for that.

We entered a co-sponsorship deal with Fiaura The Tank Girl, more on that to come though.

Also we got asked to be interviewed on Barcast! Happening this friday at 7pm -5gmt  /  6pm -6gmt  /  5pm -7gmt   /  4pm -8gmt…

Being interviewed are our lead writer Moonhoof and lead game dev Zen, be sure to check out their twitch HERE and go to their Fimfiction thread HERE to write down all of the questions you want answered. Like “Why is Moon’s beard so majestic” and “How the hell do you guys put up with that L9 guy”.

Also, art and book formatting got done too, but thats less important.

Untill next week Dead Tree Fans!