The Mary Sue Take Over

Blog post 15

Greetings Dead Tree Fans my Loyal Subjects!

It is I, your favorite monarch, Princess Mary Sue.

I have taken over this week’s Dev Blog Royal Dlog to inform you that instead of releasing their next book. DTS has instead agreed to  publish my Diary! Exciting right? Now all of you loyal subjects will get to see all my fabulous tips and tricks for making a character (and if you’re tentative about it, you might even make one as awesome and cool as me!), i’m looking forward to your impressive characters!

My Diary should be made available to the my Patreon and Indiegogo subjects sometime this month, and the rest of my loyal subjects sometime near the end of February/beginning of March.

On that note, DTS has asked me to relay some information for them, and because I’m just that fantastically nice and amazing and beautiful, I have decided to do so. I know, I’m just SO generous! Right?!

So here it goes, the super drab, boring DTS news that they asked me to tell you about (seriously I should be sainted for this generosity).

So first on the list of boring news is that Dead Tree Studios will be at BABSCon (Wait, what? Why wasn’t I invited!!!??? Golden Gates and I are Besties! I totes wanna be there too! (oh and I can’t forget Queen Quake, she’s such a doll <3). They apparently have two Super horribly boring Panels this year. Their usual “Fallout Equestria PnP” Panel  where they talk about their boring game, and then they have some “Drunk GMing is Magic” Panel where they are going to talk about being drunk while playing table top games… because table top games are so boring you need to be drunk to enjoy them.

The second is that they suck, and are terrible and boring, for not inviting me to BABSCon….. Bunch of butt heads!

Also they hope you had a fantastic holiday season.

Lastly they would like to announce that they’ve been working super hard on the remaining books (as if!) and have completed a lot of art and finalized the remaining manuscripts so they can prep for print.  The two books they are focusing on the most currently are their Game Master’s guide and their System Compendium. They don’t know which one will be released first, or when they will be released.

That concludes your very first Royal Dlog (so  much better than Dev Blog right?) I hope to see all you loyal subjects next week and am SUPER excited to read all your comments and compliments! So be sure to send those in!