Midnight Hour

Blog post 13

Greetings Dead Tree Fans!

That is Correct! The final hours (well days) are upon us! Our Core Rule Book The Wasteland Survival Guide Is in its very last stretches. The only things left for us to do is: The last bits of item art and replacing the placeholders in the books, final read through and edits (the major edit was completed now the non-editing team gets to put their grubby hands all over it looking for mistakes), and getting the final blessing of Kkat, MadModd, Ulushia, Shadysteps,Usea and Doubleclick.

That’s it that’s all. Crazy random happenstances aside, we hope to have the book sent off to the printer VERY SOON!

As a reminder those who ordered books through our Patreon or Indiegogo will get Digital Copies emailed to them after we have sent the File off to the printer. Those who ordered via our pre-order store will have the books released to them a couple months after they have been released to the Patreon/Indiegogo customers.

Additionally, the Diary of a Mary Sue is fast approaching its title fight with our Editor-In-Chief. Who will win? The world’s cringiest writing, or a pissed off pilot with a red pen? Tickets on sale NOW!

No set release date yet but our hopes are to have our character creation guide released to the general public (non-Patreon/Indiegogo customers) before BABScon. No promises though.

With that we shall return to our dungeons, excited and giddy with the approaching release date. Be sure to leave a comment, check out our twitter, subscribe to our facebook and to take a cursory glance at our Patreon! 

Until next time Dead Tree Fans!