We don’t want to set the world on fire!

It was like that when we found it, we swear.


Greetings Dead Tree Fans! This week was a lot of the same old same. We worked on recouping lost art, formatting and getting things in order for our December release. We have also taken a hard look at our release schedule and what we have done. The news is rather bitter sweet.

As you all may be aware we talked about how we had a software crash at the beginning of September that made us lose over half of our art due to corrupted files. We have been hard at work to recoup that loss but due to the nuances of life it has been slow going. A lot of our contracted artists have either had to slow down, or leave because of personal issue, which is totally understandable, and we have had a few other minor set backs along the way as well. As such, it is with a heavy heart that we are delaying our release again, we tried our best to meet our deadline, but we unfortunately do not have the resources or  personnel to accomplish it. We apologize for having to delay our release, yet again. However, instead of one big release date, we are going to release the WSG in December, and then release the remaining books as they are finished. For those who acquired books through the Patreon or Indigogo, all shipping costs will waived as an apology.  We will be figuring out the best form of logistics for those with digital copies, including physical and direct download CD’s. These logistics will be fully sorted by December. We are still deciding how we will handle pre-orders, but again, we will have that sorted by December.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email us at: Info.deadtree@gmail.com or to talk with us on our discord server https://discord.gg/W3DdccR


Until next week Dead Tree Fans!