We Haven’t Slept Yet

So technically it’s still Friday for us.

Greetings Dead Tree Fans! How are all of you this fine Friday evening. Oh you thought we were joking? Well we weren’t. Technically if you counted all the all nighters we have been spending it’s still Wednesday for us, but we figured it was a stretch so we’re counting from the last day we woke up on, which was Friday. How have we pulled a 72 hour work fest? Coffee, lots and lots of coffee. Pretty much all we’ve drank, oh and chocolate covered coffee bean, those too. That and most of us are used to stupid work schedules so this kinda sleep dep is common for us. That’s right Dead Tree Fans! Delivering an epic product to you is more important than our health! Which come 10 years from now when we’re old and full of chronic health problems realize how horrid of an idea that was, but Screw future us, future us are a bunch of punks who don’t know nuthin. Bunch of weak old farts. Though that’s not what we are here to talk about, all of you fine folks are here to learn about what we accomplished in the last week. Whelp, a lot actually. Formatting has taken leaps and bounds, we have been working tirelessly to recoup all the art that got corrupted and lost at the end of August, and we have been doing prep work for Nightmare Nights Dallas, which we officially have a panel at, as well as a Table in their table top games room! We will update you on times and locations when we get them, but yeah, be excited! We are headed to Dallas, as much as L9OBL is resenting the idea. Silly Canuck claims he will melt. ┬áNot much else to talk about so we will leave it at that and decide if we need sleep after our next cup of coffee.

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