Channelling our inner Megumin

Greetings Dead Tree Fans!

This week a variety of things happened, most notable is that a joint PR stunt between ourselves and our good friends the Post Apocalyptic Broadcasting Studio, exploded in our faces. You can find our official statements on our respective Facebooks and Twitters, as we aren’t in the business of beating a dead horse. Dead post apocalyptic ponies on the other hoof…..

Other than that, this week was a flurry of events, with BronyCon preparations, paperwork, formatting and final book prep, art, and a few other minor things.

As is usual for our convention appearances, you can expect there to be no Dev Blog updates the BronyCon Weekens (next week) and the weekend after. Only other things to say are that things are progressing smoothly and we are well on track for our December Release.

Also, for those who are not aware, our Pre-Order Store is up and running. You can find the link in the menu. Be sure to check it out, aswell as our Facebook, Twitter, and Patreon! Don’t forget to leave a comment either!


Until next time Dead Tree Fans!