The Great Trotconian Fire 2017 We will rebuild…


Greetings Dead Tree Fans! First off, welcome to all the new fans and friends we met at TrotCon! It was an absolute blast seeing new and old faces alike! All in all we would say the convention was quite good. There were a few hiccups at con start, but nothing unmanageable. We ran some games all convention long in the table top games room….. Correction, we completely invaded the Table top Games room. We had a massive turn out resulting in us running two and three games at a time…. which kind filled up the entire games room. We even had a line up going of people waiting and hoping to play…. so that was actually pretty awesome. While we feel bad about taking over the room in it’s entirety a couple times, we aren’t exactly surprised.

We had a vendor’s table as well, which did rather well in our opinion, despite the vendor’s hall not opening until about 7 pm on the Friday.

Our panel was a rather big success, while attendance was less than usual, TrotCon was a smaller convention than what we usually go to. Our sources also tell us that our turn out was better than a large portion of mane hall events. Which made us happy. So yeah, big success, even with L9OBL being hungover (we laughed at his misery quite extensively).

Our good friend Versal also premiered a song he wrote for us during his set at TrotCon’s concert, called Valley of Dead Trees. Which was pretty awesome! You can find a recording of his set here:

and the studio version of Valley of Dead Trees here:

Sunday there was a fire alarm because someone burned popcorn. We originally thought someone was playing Versal’s mix tape. Was a lot of fun, not gonna lie.

Last big bit of news for TrotCon was that We participated in the Battle for Bottlecap Canyon on Sunday, repping our raider pride of course, and with the help of the other raiders present, beat those wimpy steel rangers and silly stable dwellers into the DIRT! We ended the game with 2/3 of the total bottle cap count, some knick knacks and a skull. It was great. So thank you to all the raiders who helped make this victory possible, and thank you to our opponents for being so fun to curb stomp.

Cocky-ness aside, seriously, it was a lot of fun. Thank you all for playing with us!


With that aside we move on to what happened in this last week. Which is a LOT.  Firstly we all got home safely, unpacked, and have gotten back into the normal swing of things. We also got accepted for a panel at BronyCon 2017 in August! So we will see you all at BronyCon next month. But we will discuss that more in detail next Sunday. Books are moving along well and are being formatted quicker than expected. HOWEVER, and this is really the biggest thing, BackerKit, has Informed us that they do not believe that they can give us and our project the backing and quality experience they pride themselves on, due to our backer count being so low. As such, BackerKit has decided to refund our money and withdraw. We are actually very appreciative that BackerKit would rather refund us, instead of risk doing a less than stellar job, and are in no ways angry about this decision. However, this means that we will not be able to use BackerKit’s Pre-Order store for those who had wanted to have add-ons, or had missed the Indigogo campaign. Just before writing this up we made an announcement on our Indiegogo campaign informing our backers about what this entails. Mainly, this means a 3 month delay in our release, as we work out details for those who paid extra, with the hopes of purchasing add-ons with credit, as well as setting up our own store on our website for those that missed out, as we have had a lot of requests for using a pre-order store. You will be able to find more details on our Indiegogo press release HERE:

While we aren’t very happy about the delay, we are still VERY excited to bring you all this fantastic project when it releases. We will let everyone know when things happen revolving around our Indiegogo, our webstore, and any other cool important happening as usual, through our Dev Blog.

With that we invite all of our new Dead Tree Fans to check out our:



and Patreon:

we also encourage you all to leave a comment at the bottom, or on our Facebook, if the conventions prove anything, it’s that we love interacting with all of our fans!

With that said, until next week Dead Tree Fans!