Stepping out of the Stable

and into the ….. TrotCon?

Greetings Dead Tree Fans! These last two weeks have been absolutely hectic! We have been prepping for TrotCon, getting our books formatted, prepping things for the CDs, getting BackerKit sorted, and just generally working our but off. Y’know?

So with that, be sure to check us out at TrotCon this upcoming weekend in Columbus, Ohio! We have a Vendor’s table, a panel on Saturday at 1PM and we will be hosting games for most of the convention in their table top room! it’s going to be FUN! So come check us out!

That’s everything for now, BackerKit Surveys will be going out the moment BackerKit lets us send out surveys, hopefully no later than TrotCon. So keep an eye out for those! As well as a few other surprises for all of you. So be excited!

Also there won’t be a devblog next week, as we will be at TrotCon. There may or may not be one the weekend after either. So heads up!