For those of you who are NOT Fans of FlorkofCows. Cowabunga Day is a holiday to aggressively celebrate your friends and show them how much they mean to you with aggressive, cherishing actions. Like Drop kicks, RKOs, gut punches, and the infamous, spinning back kick of total appreciation and cherishment.

We hope your Cowabunga Day is as joyful as it is painful!

For those not part of our Discord server, which you can join HERE:

here is the message we gave to all our fans this morning:

Happy Cowabunga day to all of you here
The gut punching is our way of showing our appreciation for your support as we hope to GRIND YOUR EXPECTATIONS INTO THE DIRT WITH OUR AWESOME BOOKS. Seriously, we finished the books 6 months ago and are just out back beating peoples expectations to death with them. Come September we hope your expectations are nothing more than chunky salsa, and the broken bones remind you how much we love and appreciate you all.

But seriously
We want to be arrested for how brutally we destroy your expectations and go above and beyond them.

With that, lets get on with the news, and yes we delayed todays blog post simply to wish you all a happy Cowabunga Day to you today.
Fight us, we ARE SOUND!

This past week, the most interesting thing that happened, is still final touches, expect that to be the headline for the next month or so. Things are shaping up nicely, and so long as no major setbacks happen, we should be right on schedule! Art is undergoing last touches and final checks. lots to do on that one, and we are prepping for TrotCon as well. Talking about conventions. We have been accepted for a panel at BronyCon 2017. So that’s a thing. Expect to see us there. . We’ll discuss that more as the time comes though.

Untill next week Dead Tree Fans!