Crazy Random Late-enstances

Greetings Dead Tree Fans!

Yes, today’s yesterday’s blog post is late. Mainly because L9OBL, the guy who normally writes these posts, called called into work due to the flooding in Montreal, Quebec. L9OBL’s day job makes him liable to be called into work on his days off due to natural disasters. So that’s the reason why we are late, it’s actually a super legitimate reason this time and not us forgetting because we are so wrapped up in working on this project and then forgetting. Weird we know!

That being said, this past week had a lot happen. A couple books are 100% done their formatting for our backup printer, which is nice. The map board also had it’s rework finished for the backup printer. Lot’s of art got done and our Discord server has seen a fantastic increase in users. With game recruitment, as well as general talk. It’s been a lot of fun chatting with our fans.

Lastly our Indiegogo has been doing well. A lot better than we actually thought it would do (to be honest we had doubts that we would get 500$ let alone 2000$). And while YES everything is GUARANTEED to be manufactured and shipped out to our backers. The one thing that IS NOT guaranteed is us having extra stock to sell afterwards. We hear a lot of people saying: “Oh this looks great! I really want this, I’ll get it when it releases.” Well, it has released on Indiegogo. The reason it was released on Indiegogo was so we could raise funds to get the books printed. If the Indiegogo does well enough, we will have extra books to sell. If it doesn’t, then we will only have enough for the Indiegogo backers. So if you want to guarantee a set with our limited stock. Check out our Indiegogo and reserve a copy. 

With that being said, we hope you all had a fantastic week! Until next time Dead Tree Fans!