BABSCon Debrief!


Greetings Dead Tree Fans!

We are back from BABSCon 2017! And boy what a Convention! We aren’t going to bore you with the nitty gritty details but long story short. BABSCon was a resounding success! We demoed yet another book, The Diary of a Mary Sue, ran games all convention long in the tabletop games room. Had a FANTASTIC panel with a great turn out! We got to talk face to face with all of our fans, new and old (spoiler: That’s our favourite part)!

The other BIG NEWS is that we launched our INDIEGOGO during our panel! That’s right! you can now Pre-Order all the fun stuff we have been talking about for the last couple years! We are still in a crunch, but everything should be done and finalized, ready for printing before the end of the campaign! CDs with Digital copies of our books on them for 25$ (Or 20$ for the first 100 backers). You can get the Wasteland Survival Guide for 40$.  Three book sets for a discounted price of 100$. All Six books, with a shelf box and GM Blind Screen for free, at the price of 200$. There is also the ever expansive Box set that has EVERYTHING we are offering, bundled in a neat little box. All the books , dice, minifigs, CD etc. With free shipping! We are also partnered with BackerKit, allowing you to get add-ons and to streamline our shipping and logistics! So check it out HERE and share the link: with all your friends and families!

On a side note: we’d like to remind everyone, that our monetary goal of 160,000$, is there with the intention of meeting minimum order for our preferred printer. We have a backup printer who has no minimum order, and this project WILL STILL HAPPEN even if we don’t meet our goal. The only difference is that we would like to print our books in A4, but our backup printer only offers 8.5×11. So worry not. you WILL get what you ordered on our Indiegogo! No matter what! So go take a look at all the awesome things we have to offer!

Next we also launched a Discord server! The intent is to have a localized place for everyone to find and recruit for games and to just talk about Fallout Equestria and Table Top RPGs in general! You can find the link to that HERE. Come join us in our magical post apocalyptic adventures!

Other than that, we also ran into the fantastic people at EASTCorp. Who are working on some awesome Fallout Equestria lore audio stuff. Mainly they do confessions of a wasteland pony and the Wasteland Survival Guide audio plays! You can find their Youtube channel HERE. We suggest checking out their awesome stuff!

Next, we are diving into our last months of work. There is much to do, and much to organize. This week has been mostly paperwork and meetings and other boring stuff. Art is in it’s very last stretch, about 95% of it is done. Books are undergoing formatting. Editing is wrapping up and we are working hard to bring you the best Table Top RPG we possibly can!

Lastly, and this is the most important thing. We want to thank all of you! Yes YOU our fantastically amazing fans! Without you, this wouldn’t be a thing. So please, keep being awesome… and spread our Indiegogo around like internet herpes. But mostly, keep being awesome!


Until next time Dead Tree Fans!


EDIT: Fixed a derpy link.