Dead Tree Blog: Unprofessional Edition

yeah, yeah, I know. I’m late. This weekend and the predeceasing week have been pretty busy.

Another book is nearing the formatting stage,

we did a pre-release on our Master List System. It’s currently a tiny fraction of the full list and it’s been a pain picking and choosing what to release.  However you can find all the lists, the changes to Kkat and Sunrise’s original rules as well as our Master List Online character sheet under the ‘Projects’ Tab in the Menu.

A Slew of site updates have come as well so you may or may not spot those.

Some art has been released in our gallery.

and, as there was much debate between the DTS members, we decided to leave it to you, our Fans. Do you guys want the falling ash/snow effect on our website? Submit your response via the straw poll I made up: Here

With that I’m off to art some more. Ciao!