On The Third Day of Blog Posts, Dead Tree Gave to me…

Blog post 7

Three Awesome Panels!

Well, ok, not really. It’s one Awesome Panel from Dead Tree, and Mediocre Panels from our friends at P.A.B.S. xP JK

So for those who were not At BABScon or were not Present for our Panel here’s the long and short of what you missed:

Fallout: Equestria PnP:

We’ve been working on a comprehensive “Master List” system, for the last Three/Four Years.

Based off of the original Kkat/Sunrise system, we’ve updated the rules slightly, are re-writing the Core book to be a little easier to understand and added Loads of Perks, Traits, Weapons, Armour, Items, etc.

There are 6 Core Rule Books:

The Wasteland Survival Guide;Our core rule book and the only book you need to Play. This book will be sold at cost and any profits we might make off of it will go to charity, as it isn’t our IP.

Diary Of A Mary Sue: A Character Creation Guide, designed to help both new and seasoned players of the FoE PnP System, and Table Top RPGs in general, to create a character.

GM Bullshit The Overmare; Our Game Master’s Guide, filled with; lists, charts tables, how to make NPCs and Bosses, Traps, Taint and More! This Book is Designed to be everything a GM needs and More!

Hoofticuffs; Our Martial Arts guide, This book focuses on the Martial Arts Mechanics, and our expansive list of Martial Arts. From popular Styles like Fallen Ceasar and Doom Bunny, to ones we’ve come up with ourselves like Titan Slayer (Weaboo Intensifies! (no not that kind of Titan) )

The Locked Safe; List porn. Every Item, Perk, Trait, Spell and mechanic we’ve devised for this project and more!

The Gilded Cage: This is our Bestiary. It will contain… well all the Beasts, and monsters, and mobs. As well as a section on how to make your own monsters, and the necessary tools to make your own. Including Monster Perks!


Upon release, we will also have 3D printed figurines, A Map board, a GM Blind, A Dice Set (with our own minted D2 coin!), a CD/Thumbdrive with digital copies of; character sheets, all the books as well as links to the most up to date versions of everything. and a Box Set which will include all of these and even comes with free shipping!

We are also going to have Race, Mechanics, and Universe Expansion Packs which we will start working on after the initial release. Expect close to 50 different Races, Necromancy, Vehicles, other lands/kingdoms and more! We also plan to make map packs to sell for those more… enthusiastic fans.

We went over pricing during our Panel as well. Nothing is set in stone but expect about 40$ each for the books, 20$ for the CD, 15$ Each for the Figurines, and 500$ for the Box set, (which includes Shipping and handling to the US).

Further more we talked about future projects after FoE PnP,

Handed out Sparkle Cola Bottle Caps to our attendees

Blog post 6

and answered a bunch of questions. Mostly Pertaining to what changes we’ve made to the original rule set.


Saturday we went to an awesome Panel by our good friends at P.A.B.S (Who are the other jokers in that first photo) and suggest you check them out if you like Animation and Fallout Equestria, as they are working on animating a bunch of FoE Stories pertaining to things that have happened before the Fallout Equestria Novel. It’s actually really cool and we’d love for you to check them out!


Sunday we attended a Panel by Overmare Studios, giving a nice little update on their Fallout: Equestria video game. It was also really cool and we suggest you check them out for the very minute amount of people who haven’t heard of them!


Either way it was an absolute blast and we had a heck of a lot more people show up then we were expecting! So thanks again to everyone who showed.

At the risk of sounding like a Vegan cross-fitter who vapes. Check out our Patreon! We have tons of cool rewards including, commissions, Early Access, a special box set and more! So if you like what you saw at BABScon or what you read on our Website, support us on Patreon, every bit helps!